Cupcakes!: A Book Review

I will say from the outset that I am not unbiased when it comes to this book. I do not know Elinor Klivans, but I feel like we’re close friends because I love her book so much! Like I mentioned before, I first saw Elinor on Martha’s show many moons ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. This book is an amazing resource for flavor ideas and simple decorating. These are cupcakes that are sure to impress your friends (not that you need validation from your friends, but I kind of like it sometimes!).  One of the things I really like is that when you make something from this book to bring to a potluck, you’re almost guaranteed to be the only one there with that recipe. Now you may not necessarily want to make some of the time intensive recipes for a party involving a bunch of 3 year-olds, but they are perfect for showers and luncheons. Lots of people will tell you that you should just use a mix, that no one can tell, and I’m not saying that I never use a mix, but people (adults) can tell. There is a difference.  Do a comparison, and let me know what you think.

Recipes Tried: Chocolate covered hi-hats, lemon sponge tea cakes,Easy mix yellow cupcakes and white mountain chocolate cupcakes. My friend Dixie loves the butter cake cupcakes, Boston Cream  Pie cupcakes, and the cinnamon sugar puffs. I could go on, but I’d basically be giving you the table of contents!

Pros: This book is beautiful and the cakes are delicious. It just makes me happy, and for under $7.00, how can you go wrong?!

Cons: There might be too many choices, and I wouldn’t mind if the book were spiral bound. And this isn’t necessarily a con, but the sticky chocolate frosting is very very sticky!

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  1. I just put this book on hold at the library. Delia fell in love with the picture and wants the pink ones for her birthday – which is still six months away – but it’s good to have a plan, right?

    Have you read through any of her other books? She just came out with a new one all about chocolate cakes and I’m interested in her chocolate chip cookie cookbook as well – can’t go wrong with a cookbook dedicated to chocolate chip cookies!