Theme Lunch: Shakespearean Fun

The Bread Plates

I know quite a few home-schoolers around here, and although I enjoy public school, I really enjoy the perks of friends who host fun learning lunches for their home-schooled kids.

Herbs used to mask one's body odor!

Last week we got to tag along to a Shakespeare themed lunch. The kids had been studying the life and times of William Shakespeare, and this was the grand finale. They gave presentations, ate food of the time, and served many, many, many courses. I think though, everybody’s favorite part was throwing the chicken bones on the floor. Apparently back in the day, it was customary to throw bones on the floor for the dogs. That’s right, we’re very educational over here at frankly entertaining!

Bones on the floor

This is the kind of thing that can easily translate to different age groups, or different themes. Am I the only one who remembers crazy dinners at Summer camp? Eating in complete silence (which I would do every day if I could!), or eating with serving utensils.

Imparting a little wisdom!

You could become the coolest parent on the block. Or, if you’re like me, you can snag an invite to the cool parent’s house so that you don’t have to clean chicken bones off of the floor!

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  1. You have such great friends. Love this idea!

  2. than you for blurring out my messy kitchen!