Cookbook Review: Ball Blue Book of Preserving

I thought with all of Sarah’s peachiness this week I would review the Ball Book of Preserving. It’s pretty much the definitive guide on home canning.

I called to ask my Aunt Rozanne for her recipe for canned beets a couple of years ago and she said “it’s just the one in the Ball Blue Book, don’t you have that one?” I hadn’t done much canning at the point and I hadn’t even heard of the book. But lo and behold, thanks to my sweet and thoughtful aunt,  it showed up in my mailbox a couple of days later.

I use this book often throughout the Summer. Whenever I am planning on canning something I consult the Blue Book first. And all the recipes I have tried have turned out great. Most of the recipes have been around for generations and have survived the tests of time.

From pie fillings to canned tomatoes and sauces, the recipes are all in here, as well as lots of helpful information on the principles of food canning and making sure your food is safe.

If you want to can food at home (and come on, who doesn’t?!) get this book!

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