Book Review: Company’s Coming Series

This is another Canadian cookbook franchise. I received the Company’s Coming Millennium cookbook as a wedding gift. The onion tarts were to die for! Sadly, that book was lost in the house flood of ’03. I don’t want to disparage any particular insurance agent, but Kyle was kind of a dork for taking all my books and throwing them in the trash! When I went to replace the book it was out of print and so I exchanged it for the150  Squares book, which is also now out of print! I am learning that it might be most prudent to review new books since cookbooks seem to go out of print very quickly!

I can’t really explain my love for these books except to say that they bring me home. What I find in them is what I grew up with. I love brownies just as much as the next person, but there’s something great about Nanaimo bars and tropical squares. If you don’t know what these are, just wait I I will enlighten you in the coming weeks! I don’t actually own the book pictured above, but I’m hoping to find it, because it looks like the perfect party book!

p.s. I just went on Amazon, and I can’t find anything in stock. Maybe if I go to Sometimes writing this blog can be a depressing venture!

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  1. I’ll keep my eyes open .It will give me something to look for when yard sailing! See you soon .

  2. If you only had mentioned this love earlier. They were on sale at the Superstore last week for 40% off and they had so many different ones – I definitely would have picked them up while I was in Vancouver if I only knew 🙂