Heating up the Indoor Grill

My Dad bought us a sandwich press while we were living in Nova Scotia a few years ago. I was at his house one day and I happened to admire his freshly-pressed sandwich and lo and behold he was at our house the next day with a brand new sandwich press for us! My dad’s cool like that!

Unfortunately our sandwich press didn’t make it on our across-the-continent move. It’s probably still on the top shelf at the B&B. I was missing my sandwich press this weekend and I happened across My Kitchen Cafe and her recipe for a Brie Apple Turkey Panini. So at her suggestion I just used my indoor grill with my cast iron pan on top and voila homemade sandwich press! Check out the link above for her recipe. The recipe was a big hit at our house.

And while the grill was hot I thought I would throw some nutella strawberry paninis on. I just layered nutella and sliced strawberries on some yummy buttered bread and heated through. It was delicious!

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  1. Those look so good!

  2. Ok, those nutella/strawberry sticks look amazing. So glad you liked the turkey panini!