A Baby Shower Like No Other!

Every so often often you get to experience so fun and wonderful that you leave asking yourself if it was all real. This is what happened last week when I attended my friend Lacy’s baby shower. Lacy’s sister threw the shower, and to say that she has a love for things over the top would be putting it mildly! When the invitation came attached to it’s own pink umbrella, I knew I was in for a treat!

Obviously this shower in it’s entirety¬†would be hard for most people to duplicate, but there are some wonderful aspects that you could make your own. For example, placing all the gifts in a crib. This was one of the most original ideas I’ve seen. Even if you don’t have a crib you could use, there are strollers or Pack ‘n Plays. There were a lot of party favors at this shower, but one of the best was baby pictures of the guests ¬†in little frames. The hostess asked for us to include a baby picture of ourselves with our RSVP. When we arrived, all the pictures were hanging from the crib and we had to match the babies to the guests. We got to take home the framed pictures!

If you’re throwing a large shower that might get kind of noisy, you might want to use a microphone. Probably the funniest part of the evening was Lacy’s sister doing play by play commentary as Lacy opened her gifts. There was also baby hanger decorating and celebrity baby trivia. Any one of these things would make a great shower!

Another huge help for the hostess was enlisting some teenagers to help with serving food and clearing dishes. If you have a babysitter that you love to use, they might enjoy earning some money as a party helper. I can only imagine how much easier this made things for the hostess.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down the fantasy lane of baby showers. If you have a great shower you’d like us to write about, send us an email!

p.s. I realized that I forgot my memory card when I got to the shower, so thank you Anna for driving me back home! I don’t think my written description would have done this justice! Of course, I did forget to take a picture of the golf cart shuttle!

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  1. Wow! Super cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow! you ladies know how to party!

  3. That was a fun shower, wasn’t it? I forgot about everything that was going on in the world for approximately three hours!

  4. Holy wow! Trying to think of all the work that went into that makes me tired – what a shower!

  5. Yes, I did feel like a VIP for one night last week. And my favorite favor is the pink frame of 1 year old me!

  6. OK seriously! If I have a baby you best come out here and do that for me! I love this idea! The umbrella would be great for a bridal shower as well! What a great way to start a party! I love the baby picture idea! I love the idea of teenagers serving food! The whole thing is off the cuff!

  7. Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?!

  8. I love those frames…where did she get them?

  9. Ingrid – I talked to Courtney today, and she said she got the frames at Hobby Lobby.

  10. I throw some crazy big baby showers also, and one of my favorite games to play is the “housemom” game. You tie up a clothesline, then put a few onesies, extra “laundry” and clothespins in a laundry basket and the “mom” has to hold the basket, hold a phone to her ear and hold onto a stuffed animal or doll then hang as many clothes as she can in like two minutes or however long, it is SO funny what people’s solutions are! : )