The Search for Perfect Popcorn

I am determined to post recipes this week without sugar! Sarah is on a special diet with her pregnancy and all of my posts last week we’re things that she couldn’t have – this week I will be more kind.

Jason and I eat popcorn all the time. We have popped it on the stove for as long as I can remember. We always have a big bulk bag of popcorn around because it’s cheap, easy and satisfying. There aren’t many treats that I can think of that are as easy to make. Sure, maybe it’s even easier to throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave – but if you add just a couple of minutes in the kitchen it tastes worlds better.

We made three batches last night because I was trying for perfect!

The first batch the oil got a little too hot while we were taking pictures, so the kernels aren’t as big and as white as I like them.

And then I thought I would try Alton Brown’s method just for fun. But I thought it was a little less flavorful than I like. It would have been just fine if I was adding butter, but last night I wasn’t indulging quite that much.

And the last batch was pretty much near perfect. (Please ignore my dirty stove top in the background – housekeeping is not one of my strong points!)

Simple Stove Top Popcorn

  • 1 T peanut oil
  • 1/4 popcorn kernels
  • salt
  1. Heat the oil up until it starts to shimmer. If it starts smoking it’s too hot.
  2. Add all the kernels. Cover the pot with its lid and start shaking until it stops popping! Should only take about a minute if the oil is at the right temperature.
  3. Season with salt and add melted butter for more flavor.

Now what to do with all of the popcorn?!

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  1. housekeeping is not one of my strengths either. I think stove tops are supposed to look like that.

  2. Thank you for not leading me into temptation this week!

  3. Looks good and really easy to make! I must admit, whenever I get a jonesing for popcorn, I get the caramel cheese mix. I know! I’m so bad!

  4. Caramel and cheese in one mix? I have never heard of such a combination – do share!