FFwD: Beggar’s Linguine

When I saw the ingredient list for this recipe I wasn’t sure how it would all work out. I also hate having to go buy a ton of ingredients, and I had to buy almost everything for this recipe! As I was making it though, the smell was intoxicating. It was all coming together so perfectly, and it was so easy. Then, I stepped away from the stove. I swear it just for a minute, but that was long enough for my golden raisins to burn! I was so worried about how the final dish would turn out, and I was keeping my fingers crossed that adding extra Parmesan cheese would mask the burnt odor!

It actually wasn’t too bad. Twelve tablespoons of butter doesn’t do anything to help the waistline, but it definitely adds to the flavor! I could only handle a small serving, and the boys didn’t really like it too much. The baby loved it though! I think this would make a a great appetizer for a dinner party. If my kids liked it more I’d be all for making it more often, but it’s price coupled with the fact that it can’t be re-heated doesn’t make it a family friendly dinner for us. Just going on flavor, though, I would call this dish a success!

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  1. I’m happy you found this dish a success! Your dish looks tasty! Although it wasn’t my speed with the sweetness, I’ll keep the browned butter and Parmesan anytime!

  2. I thought this was delicious and it reheated fine for me. My children wouldn’t have liked it either when they were young….they might not like it still! The baby has great taste!

  3. Keep the recipe in the backburner in case you ever have to entertain someone with an incurable sweet tooth… like me! It is an indulgence, but taking out a third of the butter might not mess much with the finished product.

  4. This was a unique one, wasn’t it? And getting some of the ingredients was a bit of a scavenger hunt. Your pictures were lovely!

    By the way, I reheated it in a small skillet and found it to be still pretty good.

  5. I loved this dish and can’t wait to make it again 🙂

  6. I also think this would make a great dinner party dish especially when you don’t know if some of your guests are vegetarian. Your dish looks so good.

  7. I truly enjoyed this recipe and would make it again! I always have dried fruits and nuts in my house so I didn’t have to buy anything extra for this dish. I love that your baby ate it…what sophisticated taste! I did reheat mine and it tasted fine.

  8. Great post and beautiful pictures! I almost burned my fruits in the butter too. It all cooked so fast! I like your blog and it looks like you have a lot of yummy recipes! I’ll be sure to stop back by. Thanks for your compliments on my dish. I got it at Home Goods which is a very dangerous place for me. 🙂

  9. That first picture looks delicious! I could only handle a small serving too which is probably a good thing considering all the butter. 🙂

  10. My husband is allergic to almost all fruits and nuts, and the girls don’t like fruits and nuts in their savory dishes (yet, I am working on that one:), so I had to skip this dish, even though I know I would have liked it.
    I am glad that you enjoyed it, as it gives me motivation to make it for myself one day:)

  11. Great photos! I love that your youngest was the one who enjoyed the dish most. I found it only okay. I guess I”m not as adventurous as your baby…