FFwD: Salted Butter Break-Ups

I am writing this feeling very full from our St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I took Sarah’s menu ideas from yesterday and we had an feast! Sarah – my family thanks you!

I had absolutely no desire to bake cookies tonight, but it’s French Fridays with Dorie and cookies are on the schedule! I’m sure they will all get eaten – they are very good. I love the saltiness – a crispy, chewy, buttery, salty treat all rolled into one. I will definitely be making these again.

The dough was easy to make. The recipe calls for a food processor, but believe it or not – we don’t have one. I have so many non-essential kitchen gadgets (meat slicer, 2 ice cream makers, waffle cone maker, yogurt maker . . .), you’d think that food processor would have made it into the mix at some point. But there are actually very few times where I wish I had one. And I didn’t feel like it was essential this time either. I used a kitchen-aid with a whisk attachment. I cut my butter up into smaller pieces than the recipe states and it seemed to work just fine.

Dorie says to use the back of a fork to make the cross-hatch pattern and I was thinking of doing it the same way as you would for a peanut butter cookie, but that didn’t work at all. I actually thought she must have some special tool to make it look so pretty, but then I figured it out. I ended up dragging the tines of the fork at an angle along the dough one way and then the other – it was much quicker that way – but I guess I didn’t press firmly enough to get it quite as pretty as Dorie’s.

I also skipped the chill time because I wanted to get to bed earlier! Next time I will try the chilling and see if it makes any noticeable difference.

*What is French Fridays with Dorie? An online cooking group dedicated to working our way through Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Around My French Table. We try a new recipe each week and post about it on Fridays. If you’re interested you can pick up a copy of the book and follow along with us here.

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  1. I found after making two batches of these that the depth of the pattern makes all the difference when it bakes and also the chilling helps to hold the pattern during the baking time. This was a perfect after dinner dessert, wasn’t it?!

  2. It looks lovely! A heavier hand probably would help the pattern stick – but if it tastes good, that’s what matters, right? And hey, sleep comes before looks any time in my book!

  3. Your cookie looks great! Surprisingly, I don’t own a food processor either. However, I also do not own a stand mixer, so I used my hands to cut the butter into the dough. =D Great post!

  4. I’m still playing catchup, so I made the bread this week 🙂 Yours look fantastic… so looking fwd to making this now.

  5. I did chill mine, it would have been interesting to compare!

  6. Yours look pretty!

  7. Your grandmothers never had food processors either. They all seemed to bake just fine. Yours looks lovely!

  8. They look perfect, even with your shortcuts. It’s a winner recipe.

  9. LOL! I tried to press the fork, and ended up doing just like you did! And it worked great! We loved the cookie – not too salty, not too sweet. All the crispy edges were mine:)

  10. Next time you make it make TWO batches and chill one for three days. You will thank me.

  11. Good for you for keeping up even after a full meal and busy schedule – thank goodness the recipe was so simple ! I am not sure there was any need to chill since it got so rock hard (ok, and mine then stuck in a mess to the plastic board I had it on). Loved the top photo against that blue background – lovely. And sweet to hear about the meal you had enjoyed and shared – Nana and I get to do that so often and it always stays special (and my guys always love the leftovers!!)