Book Review: The NDD Book

Kara made a comment a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned I was trying to improve our eating habits and recommended Dr. Sears’, The N.D.D. Book: How Nutrition Deficit Disorder Affects Your Child’s Learning, Behavior, and Health, and What You Can Do About It–Without Drugs. I have read many of Dr. Sears’ books, but hadn’t heard of this one and was grateful for the recommendation and thought I would share a little about the book here.

Dr. Sears talks about Nutritional Deficit Disorder – that because of the junk that we are putting into our bodies and our children’s bodies we are causing our own health problems. Dr. Sears believes that if your child is suffering from mood swings or temper tantrums, or having behavior problems at school, or if the child is hyperactive or a restless sleeper, or having learning difficulties – that all of these things could come from a lack of proper nutrition.

I was struggling with an issue with one of my children and I asked our doctor about nutrition and supplements as a possible help to the problem. He immediately dismissed it and said that the issue and nutrition were completely unrelated. But in Dr. Sears’ book he says nutrition’s the first thing that should be looked to.

The basic idea of the book is to eat “Real Food” vs. “Fake Food”.  Avoid processed foods and eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish products. I think it’s basic common sense-type stuff, but while I was reading through the book I definitely saw lots of room for improvement in our own diet. I especially liked the sample 9 day menu and recipes that were shared in the book.

Since reading the book I’ve been trying to make some changes. A couple of easy things I’ve been doing are to incorporate more raw vegetables into our meals, and also to start most mornings off with some kind of smoothie. Here is a link to some smoothie recipes on Dr. Sears’ site. I have also been trying to incorporate more fish and fish oil supplements.

I know we’re far from perfect  (we made homemade donuts this weekend), but I’m not going for perfect just trying for lots of little improvements and hoping they add up!

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  1. I am a big believer in nutrition affecting behavior and other problems. This book looks very intriguing. Love the smoothie in the morning idea!

  2. I find this book very intriguing as well…looks like a worthwhile read.

  3. Christina, if your family needs improving, my family must need a remodel. lol. 🙂 I know, that sounds like a judgment, I mean it to be funny. I have been thinking a bit about this subject myself. One of my kiddos is dealing with puberty issues and mood swings are one of the most trying. I know he has to go through this, I know he will be okay, but I would like to make it as easy and smooth for him, and all of us that live with him, as possible! I will look at this book. I also have been reading, actually rereading, a couple of Michael Gurian’s books. He is an excellent, easy to understand, well respected (and worth respecting), therapist that has done great work and research with boys for several decades. Let me know if you have read any of his work.

  4. I’m with Dixiejo! You guys are one of the most healthy families I know – you do such a great job. I know when I don’t eat as well as I should, I feel so different/bad mood/gross that I can’t imagine how children feel. Especially when they probably don’t recognize what it’s from. How frustrating for them. We’re trying to do a much better job.

    Thanks for the book recommendation!
    (ps. appreciated your comment on cjane 🙂

  5. Dixie – I have read Gurian’s the Minds of Boys. It’s been a little while since I’ve read it, but I liked it. Do you recommend any of his other books?

  6. Thanks Honey! So true about the food/mood connection. I subsisted mostly on cookies and cookie dough today and I feel disgusting 🙂

  7. I think it is a worthwhile read. I am also reading Food Matters right now, which is also a worthwhile read kind of along the same lines as the NDD Book.

  8. After reading it, I realized that I need to get more into salmon. I like salmon okay, but I am not a huge seafood person. I would love for you guys to post some salmon recipes if you have any. Oh, and in the book he says to never eat marshmallows, but I may have to break that rule to make your recipe above :).