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Eat to Live Book Review | Frankly Entertaining

I am back. It’s been a long time to be away from home. We were with my sister for a week and a half and then we went to Austin to surprise Jason’s brother at his graduation (it was quite the surprise with all 35 members of Jason’s family there for it). We were able to spend time with so much family and the kids played and played and played with their cousins. It was great to see grandparents and we all felt very spoiled. It feels funny to be back home and to be getting back into a routine. It was nice to have a break – I actually enjoyed doing the laundry today!

While I was in San Antonio Sarah was reading the book Eat to Live and gave me a copy which I read on the plane ride home yesterday. I was a little worried about traveling with all three kids by myself, but Eliza slept the entire four hour flight home and I relaxed and read a book. The hardest part of the entire day was getting from dropping off the rental car to the check-in gate – balancing the luggage and the car seats was no fun!

When I was reading Eat to Live I kind of got the impression that Joel Fuhrman knows everything! He has all the reasons why his diet is the right one and he has all the reasons that other diets out there are wrong. He goes into detail about why other diets are bad for our health and how. And then he also talks about a few diets that he finds worthwhile, but that his is the best one out there. I thought some of his delivery was a little obnoxious, but I also was persuaded enough to give it a try!

Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live diet is based on high-nutrient density foods. The idea is to get the most nutrients from the least amount of calories. He recommends one pound of cooked greens per person per day and one pound of raw. You can eat unlimited legumes and fruits and vegetables. He recommends against meat and animal products (no milk, no cheese). No more than one serving per day of whole grains and avoid processed foods. This is the plan for the first six weeks as you overcome addictions to food and detox your body.

Today’s dinner consisted of mixed salad greens topped with black beans, peas, tomatoes and onions. It was good and I was amazed at how much salad the kids ate (they also ate chicken and bread).

Have any of you tried this diet? It sounds a little extreme as I write it down here. But we have lots of health issues in our family and he promises that all of our issues can be solved with this diet. So what better time to try something new than when you get back from vacation and the fridge and cupboards are empty? Wish us luck!

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  1. We’ll try it with you!

  2. This is actually the book that got my “Healthy Friend Janeen” started on eating healthy. A few years later, she now teaches a nutrition class every year on-base based on his (and other) nutrition books. (She also highly recommends “The China Study”.) I read Furhmans “Disease Proof Your Child” book and really liked it and we have and use the two Eat for Health books.

    Basically, Doug and I have incorporated many of his ideas into our diet, but we’re not doing it 100%. Mostly because of me. We’ve cut a LOT of meat and junk food out of our diet, but I still don’t have a big enough repertoire of vegetarian recipes to make them every night. If you two would turn “Frankly Entertaining” into “Frankly Nutritarian Entertaining”, I’d greatly appreciate it. 😉 Maybe just a “Nutritarian Monday”?

  3. Emily – does “healthy friend Janeen” have a blog? It would be fun to check out. I am excited to read The China Study, I just put it on hold at the library – there were quite a few holds on it already, so it might be awhile! Nutritarian Monday sounds like a great idea 🙂