FFwD: Cola and Jam Spare Ribs

I actually switched with Christina this week, because I thought this recipe looked so good. Just the idea of it seemed delicious to me. How could you go wrong with Coke and Jam? It would be like an oven roasted version of the Cafe Rio Pork.

The recipe itself came together very easily. Every one of my kids (with the exception of the new addition) ate it up. For me though, something was missing. In the interest of full disclosure I used leftover Diet Pepsi instead of Coke. Since I never drink cola I ‘m not sure what effect that would have. Could the thing my taste buds missed be the sugar?!

The other thing that I need to remember next time I make a recipe like this is to line the pan with parchment paper. I hate cleaning out the mess of baked on jam and soda! All in all though, I think I would make this again. Super easy combined with super happy kids is always a winner!

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  1. I cheated this week and used a disposable roasting pan (since I’m on vacation). Great post!

  2. Your ribs look delicious! I also thought the ribs lacked a bit of flavor. I enjoyed them but I think I would add more spice rub next time! I lined my pan with foil…Bonne Idee!

  3. Gorgeous photo of the ribs, you crack me up with the diet Pepsi instead of the Coca-Cola to baste the ribs- my husband bought a bottle of Cola last week because he really wanted to try these ribs and was probably afraid I might pull a substitution 😉

  4. Your ribs looks wonderful and so delicious. I think this is a great way to cook them, they
    turn out so tender,
    but both Tricia and I did not care for the flavors of jam and coke with the rub.

  5. I certainly agree with the ”easy” part, for some reason I always thought ribs would be so much more complicated.

  6. Sarah! Did you hear my tone of voice there? Yes. Yes, you missed the sugar. Yes, it would make a difference. Silly Sarah. They do look tasty and I might have to try this recipe.

  7. My eyes lit up when I saw you used diet soda for the ribs! I was torn between using one of my few precious cans of Diet Coke (trying to kick the habit) or an old Coke can from 2008 – down to the Olympics motif! I wish I had known about lining the pan before too – the cleanup detracted from the fun of making and eating ribs.

  8. Lining the pan was a huge help on these. Tin foil is my BFF…
    Diet Pepsi, huh? 🙂

  9. I came within an inch of getting diet soda for this myself! I think I would have thrown my pan away if I hadn’t used foil in it – you’re a saint to have cleaned yours!

  10. OK, yum. And you got a great picture of them too! Something I couldn’t figure out. I’m not much of a bbq sauce fan so these really appealed to me.

  11. That’s a great photo of the ribs. We really enjoyed them, but like Trevor, we’re not big fans of barbeque sauce. I used a cane sugar cola, not Coke, which seemed to work just fine. I also put the lid on my roasting pan for most of the process, so I didn’t have to work too hard at clean up!