Croissants From Julia Child

Last week we were hanging out at home when my husband said that he wanted to make some bread. Every so often he likes to work on a cooking project. When it comes to these types of projects, my advice is not needed or welcome. He has way of doing things, and even though it’s not my way, everything usually turns out in the end. On this particular day though, I interjected with a suggestion of croissants since we already had a couple of loaves of bread, and I love the buttery goodness that is a croissant!

Homemade croissants have always intimidated me. I have pretty high expectations from pastry, and so I don’t want to spend a ton of time making something if it’s not going to taste as good as I know it should. I knew my husband would have way more patience for the process of making the croissants than I would, and I also knew that I would enjoy the results a lot more if I wasn’t emotionally invested in the outcome!

Little did I know that this process would take three days! He started on Sunday afternoon, and the croissants were ready very late Tuesday night, just in time for our anniversary at midnight! Some people might enjoy fancy gifts for their anniversary, but I think nothing says true love like your husband making french pastry from scratch.

I was going to type out the entire recipe, but I don’t want to type out the whole process. If you’re really interested click here.

I’m sure you’re wondering how everything turned out. It was unbelievably delicious. Doug came home from work and was a little surprised that the croissants had all been eaten, but if you don’t eat them fresh, then they’re practically wasted. It took a lot of willpower for me to save one to photograph! If you have a husband who loves you as much as my husband loves me, then ask him if he’d like to try his hand a french pastry. You won’t be disappointed! You’re all jealous, aren’t you?!

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  1. Doug is full of surprises! Warren enjoys the kitchen at times as well and he much more precise than I am.
    BTW, I was going over our footage from the 2008 reunion and can I just say I really enjoyed the Doug and Mike Karaoke number!

  2. Oh! MY! GOSH!!! I have always respected Doug but this is beyond words! What an amazing husband! Charlie would never EVER make these for me. So enjoy!