FFwD: Cold Melon-Berry Soup

On Thursday evenings Jason and I have been taking an open water swim clinic at a local lake in preparation for the Whidbey Triathlon. The classes have been great. We’ve worked on sighting and swimming in groups. Last night we practiced starts and swimming around buoys. And I was able to learn why I got kicked in the head during one of the practice starts (I didn’t keep my arms out in front of me long enough or strong enough). I am not a strong swimmer, but I am able to feel my confidence slowly building each week.

The one constant thing about each of the sessions has been the cold. We have not had even a little bit of sun at any one of the sessions and last night we even got enough wind for some mild chop! After the swimming all I want to do is get home and soak in a hot shower. I had no desire for cold soup last night! I’m not sure if that’s why I didn’t love it – I have never really been a fan of cold soup. But I think I need to give it a go on a hot day to give it a fair shake! And I don’t think I liked the hint of ginger – so maybe next time I’ll try some other flavor combinations – any suggestions?

The highlight of the recipe for me were the strawberries. We haven’t planted much of a garden this year, but our strawberry patch that we planted last year is going in full force. I love the experience of walking out to the front of the house, picking some berries, and coming back in to add them to a dish. And the juiciness and sweetness that explodes on my tongue when I eat one of these makes me want to grow the strawberry patch even bigger!
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  1. Those strawberries do look pretty good! There is nothing quite like “home-grown” strawberries.

  2. Curry powder, lemongrass, star anise, cilantro, basil, and tarragon are all listed in the Flavor Bible as pairing well with cantaloupe 😉 But I agree, after swimming in cold water, a hot shower and bowl of hot soup sounds better than anything. Good for you on tackling a triathlon!

  3. I’m so impressed with your triathlon training,wow, I would not like getting kicked in the head! I’m also impressed with your berry patch, they look so sweet;-) Our weather is gray and cool right now so I can relate to not feeling like cold soup for dinner!

  4. There is nothing as delicious as fresh picked
    strawberries. Tricia and I had a “pick it” farm
    near us when we lived in New Jersey and we
    constantly picked them fresh. After that
    workout, I think I would prefer a hot soup

  5. Your soup looks great, but I’m really jealous of your strawberries! Mine were good, but nothing like homegrown.

  6. I’ll bet your garden fresh strawberries taste much better than the ones I get from Costco! They make me jealous.

  7. Your strawberries are beautiful! Our patch does nothing, unfortunately. I am going to make this again and try other flavors. Lemongrass sounds good – thanks, Denise 🙂

  8. Your strawberries look amazing, Christina. What a treat to have them right in your backyard. I blended in the strawberries and the ginger didn’t seem that overpowering. Maybe the sweetness balances some of the zing from the ginger and the lime.

  9. How wonderful that you are training for a triathlon! I don’t think I would want cold soup after all that cold either, so Kudos for making and trying it. All your home grown strawberries look so pretty in the soup. I skipped the ginger in mine because I find it a little overwhelming sometimes and my husband doesn’t like the taste of it all. We loved it without.

  10. I love hearing about your open swim class. Kudos to you! Your strawberries look delicious! I thought this tasted good; I just don’t know what to do with it!

  11. Gorgeous berries! I’d skip the ginger and puree in a few of your berries…although it might muddy the color, I think it would be delish!

  12. So nice to have strawberries from your own garden. It’s funny how something as simple as picking fruit or vegetables just outside your door can be so satisfying.

  13. Those strawberries from your own garden look absolutely amazing. I’m green with envy! Alas you don’t enjoy the cold soup much. I can sympathize about the need for something to warm up the belly!