FFwD: Deconstructed BLT

I know about the rest of you, but I’m still suffering the lingering after effects of my horrible experience with the not-so crunchy chicken from a couple of weeks ago! I was so happy that today’s recipe was something simple, yet amazingly appealing. A couple of friends joined me for lunch because I had arugula to spare and share!

I was really looking forward to the croutons cooked in bacon grease, but unfortunately they didn’t live up to my hype! I may not have used the right kind of bread, but I think I’ll be sticking with butter croutons from now on. And the croutons weren’t bad, they just weren’t great.

The arugula was wonderful. It made me wonder why I don’t use it more often! The dressing was simple and perfect. All in all, this was a great week with Dorie for me. I think this is perfect for lunch. It’s probably a light light for dinner, but I wouldn’t use it as a side either. Am I the only one who thought there were a lot of eggs for each plate. I cut the eggs down for mine, and it seemed just about right.

As a side note, I made some peanut butter sandwich cookies for dessert and there was a typo in the cookbook. Don’t you hate that? It is a library book, but I corrected the typo anyway. I hope they don’t mind!

*What is French Fridays with Dorie? An online cooking group dedicated to working our way through Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Around My French Table. We try a new recipe each week and post about it on Fridays. If you’re interested you can pick up a copy of the book and follow along with us here.

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  1. I agree. I think the step of halving the eggs made it seem like there were a ton of eggs person. Your salad looks quite tasty!

  2. I think the number of eggs scared me off from making this this week. LOL. Even though the croutons didn’t come up to your expectations, they look really lovely and crunchy from your photo!

  3. Im not a big fan of arugula at all… I avoid it at all costs, which is hard since in England it is EVERYWHERE. on pizza, salads, mains… its everywhere so I pick it off or order something else and it never winds up in my cart at the store… 🙂 I like the BLT in a sandwich better, myself.

  4. I thought it was tasty. I wouldn’t use more eggs than you did. I loved the dressing – it cut the fat of the eggs and bacon. I agree, too light for dinner, too heavy for side. It was a good lunch. Thanks for having me over!

  5. Love the photo… I agree with you on the eggs, I reduced the number as well.

  6. Hmmm, I’m sorry something went wrong with your croutons, b/c they were my favorite part of the dish! Besides the bacon itself, of course. Lettuce, schmettuce. Gimme a sandwich! 🙂

  7. I agree, I love arugula and didn’t really use it much until this past summer. We did have our salad for dinner, with larger servings, and need to have “lighter” dinners more often with all this blogging! Peanut butter cookies would have been perfect for dessert…

  8. I really like arugula, especially in salad mix, with sweeter greens – it’s a nice flavour contrast. I added some seasonings to my croutons (garlic powder, rosemary, and parsely) and they were addictive!

  9. I cut down on the eggs, too…and agree that it was an excellent salad 🙂

  10. I love that you corrected a typo in the recipe in the cookbook….I would be psyched if I checked it out next.

  11. Sarah, I have a group of neighbors/friends who like to eat what I bake. I try to think of something interesting to show them…and we hang out and chat while I give them hints on how to make the dish. It’s really low key…and pushes me to try something new. So it’s more of a baking demo…but a bake along sounds more fun 🙂

  12. Aww, you didn’t like the croutons? Maybe it’s because I always salt mine a little bit (regardless of what they’re cooked in). Bad girl!

  13. (P.S.: I’m the bad girl, not you. 🙂 Wanted to be sure that was clear!)

  14. We ate this recipe for dinner, so I split it two ways. I guess that means I doubled the eggs, not cut them down, since we ate two each. It was delicious.

  15. I agree – this is the perfect lunch.

  16. I agree Sarah. The croutons were good but not as good as I expected. Bread fried in bacon fat should blow your mind! But better is better:) And I thought the same thing about the number of eggs and the library book. The next person to use the recipe will be happy for the correction:)

  17. I admit, I was a crouton fan. It was a lot of eggs, but it seemed to push the dish into “entree” category.
    Glad this worked out better for you than the chicken!

  18. I really enjoyed this salad. What a great photo…so appetizing! I couldn’t even bring myself to make the chicken! Kudos to you for trying!

  19. What a lovely photo! I am slowly getting convinced to make this one. Just for the croutons alone.

  20. I missed the chicken, and almost missed this one because I reallly dislike hardboiled, soft or runny eggs. Great photos!

  21. I love arugula and I forget about it as a green until a recipe like this comes up. Yours looks great.

  22. had no idea arugula was the same as rocket.It is all they serve here in London and I think it tastes like grass or in the very least parsley,not pleasant

  23. I too thought that the recipe called for too many eggs and just ended up making one for each salad. With the bacon and crutons the salad was already quite heavy and adding two eggs just seemed like overkill to me.