The Ninja Party

The day after his birthday, was the birthday party. I’m not a huge fan of the birthday party, truth be told. I’d rather take the family to Sea World, or something else that doesn’t require me to clean the kitchen! Last year we went to Chuck E. Cheese, which I enjoyed for the ease of party, but it’s kind of an annoying place!

My son had been studying Japan in school, and so we decided on a ninja theme. I ordered some super cute invitations and thank you cut outs from the etsy shop Cupcake Cuties. They definitely set the tone. I decided to have the party from three until five, which meant no meal, just snacks. Having pizza or hot dogs that won’t get eaten because the kids are too excited over chips and soda just seems like a waste!

For the cake, I made the KitKat wrapped, jelly bean topped confection. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The only annoying thing was that I miscalculated how many KitKats I needed. My husband’s response to this, “That’s why you use Pi!” So, sorry to all the people who I’ve told that you really don’t need anything beyond basic math! My bad!

For party games we made origami throwing stars and had an accuracy toss, and we did a time trial for who could pick up the most cheese puffs with their chopsticks. It was an intense time!

By far though, the most successful thing at the party was hiring two older boys to teach a ninja class to the kids. These boys were just a few years older than the kids at the party, so they were still excited, and all the kids loved it.  I think this is one of the best things you can do for a kids party. Think about the teenagers you know, and what their talents are. You could run a football clinic, or a soccer class. You could also do a manicure party or cookie decorating party. The great thing about hiring people is that it leaves you less stressed to supervise other things (the LSU football game perhaps?!), and, young people usually work pretty cheap!

I have one more birthday party before the year’s up. I’m still trying to convince him to go to a theme park, but if not, I’m thinking a Ninjago Lego class might be in order!

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  1. I love the cake design! What did you put under all those jelly beans? Or was it a jelly bean cake???

  2. It was a frosted layer cake that I topped with jelly beans.

  3. What a cute idea! I love the hire a teen idea! I am so going to use that!! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Very awesome ideas!! How did you color the fortune cookies?

  5. Katey: I bought the fortune cookies at World Market.