New Year’s Resolutions


I know I’m a little late posting the resolutions, but I’ve been thinking hard about what I want to do this year. I really want to work at getting the house more organized and, dare I say, tidy! I’m following along with a couple of blogs, so we’ll see how that goes.

Last week Christina called and challenged me to some kind of resolution contest. She suggested having dinner ready a certain number of nights every week. I think a homemade dinner 6 nights a week is my goal. I haven’t quite figured out how to incentivize it with Christina yet (I don’t think incentivize is a word, but I think you know what I mean!). I’m envisioning a fancy set of charts and some kind of payment system. Maybe we can keep track of what we’re making on Facebook, or right here.

Another resolution I’m still trying to figure out is the diet. In theory the diet is a good idea. I still have a few extra pound from the baby, but I’m not really feeling a huge need to do anything drastic. I think I’m just wanting to incorporate more healthy things so that I’ll feel less of a desire to eat the crap (you would not believe the grief I get from my mom about all the unhealthy food I post here!). I was going to post some quinoa recipes, but Costco was fresh out of quinoa when I went the other day. Apparently I’m not the only one with resolutions!

So, what are your resolutions this year? Any ideas on how to help me and Christina out on our contest?

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  1. No yelling. Oh, and no sweets until Jan. 19th b/c that’s when my sister’s fam comes into town and we’re gonna party!
    I think I should probably adopt your organization goal – I don’t have an organizational bone in my body! As far as homemade dinner – that’s pretty much 7/7 nights for us b/c I really don’t like fast food. However, my homemade dinners are nothing to brag about . . . so maybe that should be another resolution: better dinners! My poor family would probably rather eat fast food than my cooking! Your blog isn’t definitely helping me to become a better cook -thanks!

  2. goodness what a typo! should be “is” not “isn’t”

  3. Organizing is a great goal…always a work in progress for me. I think I should adopt a 7/7 homemade dinner rule after the food poisoning I had yesterday from either Friday or Saturday night’s date nights! Ugggh!

  4. oh no Ingrid! I hope it wasn’t from Applebee’s – I’d feel very responsible! oh, and I forgot to mention the other reason I don’t like to eat out (or go to movies for that matter – why are movie theaters soooo dirty?!) – germs! I’m just not at ease in public places, especially with kids. That’s OCD for you!

  5. No, it was not Applebee’s. 🙂 It was an Italian restaurant.