FFwD: Quatre Quarts

I’m a little late posting this today, but it’s because I was busy serving this cake for lunch, well, not actually for lunch, but for dessert with lunch. I should have taken the picture earlier, but you know how it is when company’s coming. Well, maybe your houses are already clean, but mine wasn’t. Is it just me, or do you feel way more productive when you have lots of stuff to do?

Back to the cake. I thought this cake was delicious. It’s very similar to a traditional pound cake. I generally don’t like to make recipes that call for whipping the egg whites separately, I just hate that extra step. I stayed true to the recipe this time, but I think I’ll try it again without whipping the egg whites just to see the difference. I think the biggest difference in this cake was the brown sugar topping. It made the most delicious crust. I may add that on all my other pound cakes from now on! Amazing!

I served this  with a homemade blueberry sauce. It seemed like just the right bit of Summer in the middle of January.

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  1. That looks delicious with the blueberry sauce, and homemade at that. Tricia and I both
    thought this was a nice recipe and we enjoyed
    it very much.

  2. Your cake looks delicious, and I’m impressed with the homemade blueberry jam!

  3. Your cake looks good with the blueberries, I’m sure it was delicious! I agree about that extra step of beating the egg whites but I suppose it makes a lighter cake. I didn’t try the brown sugar on top, will definitely try that next time;-)

  4. Great minds, Sarah! LOL! I loved the blueberries with it, too. I will definitely make this again!

  5. I think we all need a little bit of summer right now 🙂
    Lovely cake!

  6. My husband and I have said in the past that one of the reasons we entertain so often is so that we have an incentive to keep our apartment clean. Nothing motivates a cleaning spree like impending guests. Well, except for impending mother-in-laws, eek!

    Your cake looks delicious with those blueberries. I served mine plain but I can’t wait until summer so that I can try this with some cream and berries.

  7. We are supposed to be 82 on Thursday, I know everyone wishes for a little summer…I’d love to trade some of our sun for a little winter – especially in August! My house seems to constantly be in need of pick-up, and for some reason when guest are planned it feels like a hurricane went through the house.

    I love your blueberry sauce, it is making me crave blueberries!

    Have a terrific week!

  8. I love your burst of summer on top of the cake. I could use some of that today, after two snowstorms last week.

  9. They were tasty. And I liked the crust too. Mmmmm. I just got off the ellptical… I should not be thinking about pound cake!

  10. yours is so cute! great job!