What’s for Dinner at Christina’s?

Last week was a crazy, busy week. We’ve been trying to transition my homeschooled son into public school and (as expected) it’s not going that smoothly. I also had an evening yoga retreat last week (that Jason gifted me for Christmas) – it was Monday through Friday for 2 hours every evening. I think it was just what I needed last week to have a little break from the stress. But it required some planning to pull it all off. Thanks to this little competition I was motivated to feed my family and keep my house clean. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going into week 2!

Here’s my menu from last week:

Sunday – Pulled Pork Sandwiches with homemade rolls. Potato Salad and Baked Beans on the side.  The potato salad was amazing. Yum!

Monday – Pulled pork enchiladas

Tuesday – Split Pea Soup with bacon

Wednesday – Taylor’s Veggie Pasta with Rosemary Peasant Bread (I tried this with half whole wheat and it was pretty dense) and Caesar Salad.

Thursday – Homemade fish sticks and fries.

Friday – Homemade Pizza a la Jason.

Saturday – We had a dinner party at church and no one asked me to bring anything!

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  1. Yay Christina!! Hope we get to hear from you more, soon! 🙂