Menus on Monday: Week 2

FFwD Nutella Tartine

Well Downton Abbey is keeping me totally distracted. It’s putting way behind in my blogging! I thought for sure I could write this last night while I was watching, but I become so engrossed that I can’t do anything else. Not only that, we don’t have cable, so I have to wait until the show has finished airing to watch it on the computer. Last night’s episode was two hours, so I was up extra late!

Well, the contest is continuing to go well. Doug has come up with a whole scoring system, but for this week and last week, we’ll just use the original point system. I made dinner every night last night week.  My friend Trase told me about a house cleaning app that helps me keep on top of everything. I’ve only been using Home Routines for a few days, but I’m liking it. It will be more help when I finish syncing it with the contest schedule.

Dixie’s Annual Cooke Decorating Extravaganza

I did make last week’s FFwD recipe. In fact, I made two recipes because I thought we were supposed to be making the Nutella tart, but the recipe was actually for Nutella Tartine, which was way easier … except that I made Peter Reinhart’s Challah to go with it! I had a crazy day Friday, and Saturday was all family, so I didn’t post.

Here’s the Menu for last week:

  • Sunday 02/06: Super Bowl: Wings, Ribs, Veggies, Cake
  • Monday 02/07: Pork Pasta
  • Tuesday 02/08: Meatballs with purple potatoes
  • Wednesday 02/09: Spaghetti
  • Thursday 02/10: Hellman’s Chicken (Have you tried this? Absolutely amazing!)
  • Friday 02/11: I tried a different version of Thursday’s chicken with avocado and corn chips)
  • Saturday 02/12: Raid the refrigerator quiche

Current Point Tally: 19

Money spent on groceries last week: $74.60

Have a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Anyone have any exciting plans? We’re planning a low key evening at home. I’ll let you know how it went on Wednesday.

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  1. I am so going to download that app! Thanks! Nice work on the grocery bill. I know we average more than that a week and you have twice the caloric needs in your family. (Grace eats like a bird! I’m guessing your three older boys eat a lot!) Of course, a lot of our grocery money is being spent on trying every formula known to man to see if it’s the supplementing that’s causing J’s problems. Why don’t babies come with user manuals? 🙂 Your menu and Christina’s look so yummy. I’d love to be in either of your families!