Valentine’s Recap

I don’t think Doug and I have gone out for a romantic Valentine’s date since we had our first child. It’s always just been much nicer, and really, more romantic to stay home and have a quiet dinner after the kids go to bed. I’d rather go on a date when the restaurants aren’t totally crowded with couples. Besides, half the fun of the date is being by ourselves, and our kids go to bed early!

A couple of years ago we decided to forgo the gifts as well. I have a hard time not being disappointed by a gift that is supposed to represent how much my husband loves me. There’s nothing that he could buy that truly represents how much he loves me, and so the gift never lives up to my own expectations. Since we started doing no gifts, I have enjoyed the day much more. I love just getting to spend the day making a delicious dinner, and getting to enjoy my husband’s company.

Even though we don’t do gifts, Doug decided he wanted to make me some chocolates. He went out and bought all the ingredients and made Nick Malgieri’s chocolate mint leaves. They made a delicious dessert last night.

For dinner, I made scallops with squid ink fettuccine. Have you tried the squid ink noodles? I love them, and they made the meal feel a little more fancy because they’re not something we buy very often … or ever! For the kids’ dinner I made them heart shaped pizzas using Lisa’s crust recipe. I thinks all in all it was a successful evening.

We didn’t do too much in the way of decorations this year. It’s almost like Valentine’s came out of nowhere for me this year. I’ve had a Valentine’s Pinterest board forever, but I didn’t really use any of it. Maybe next year!

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  1. The squid ink fettucine reminds me of a meal that Mike had when we were in Italy that made all his teeth black! Ahhh….the romance! I’m impressed with your fancy meal that both you and Doug prepared for one another. Valentine’s Day, to me, is just another day to express love for loved ones and I think you both did an awesome job!!!