FFwD: Mussels with Chorizo

Even though I’ve made all the Dorie recipes, I feel like I’ve been kind of a slacker lately. That all changed last night with the mussels with chorizo. I felt like I was making an authentic, grown up, french meal. I made a few changes, some intentional and some not! I thought 4lbs. of mussels seemed like a lot, so I got 2lbs., and it was more than enough for the entire family. As a plus, the mussels came from PEI, which made me think of home! I made a mistake and got uncooked chorizo instead of the smoked. Obviously I had to cook it longer, but the flavor was wonderful. I don’t know if the thyme was necessary though, because the flavor of the chorizo stole the show. I also didn’t have any wine, so I just used the cognac that was left over from the chicken recipe a few weeks ago!

The mussels cooked up wonderfully. Even though mussels can look a little intimidating, they really are quick and easy. I ended up serving these over rigatoni and topped it with some Parmesan. This was a hit at our house. I think the kids were fans of pulling their food out of shells!

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  1. It’s hard not to have fun while eating mussels, so I can understand your kids’ delight at being served this. That Parmesan topping sounds rather lovely, I must try that the next time I make this!

  2. The raw chorizo must have rendered so much flavor! Now I feel sort of bad about buying 5 pounds… which we ate over two meals. The finished dish looks great.

  3. Every time I make mussels, I wonder why I don’t make them more often, because they’re so easy and so tasty. These look great!

  4. I got confused with the chorizo too and ended up buying the wrong kind. I just cooked it separately and then added it which seemed to work.

  5. I love that steamy photo of them in the pot! We enjoyed this one so much as well.

  6. How great that the kids enjoyed! The pairing of the sausage with the shellfish made for a very flavorful dish indeed.

  7. Loved it. And I agree about the thyme. I will change this up by using Pernod instead of wine next time as I think it can hold up to the chorizo also. Great job!

  8. Your dish looks fabulous! I think the fresh chorizo sounds great. I was thinking that I might try it that way next time. So happy you enjoyed.

  9. its great when the kids love the food too, isn’t it? There isn’t much that my daughter doesnt like right now and she is so inclined to eat anything that we are eating, so its exciting to share with her and develop her palate!

  10. We really enjoyed this dish! My husband is a huge fan of mussels. Your dish looks wonderful…nice photos! Bet this was good with the cognac.

  11. I agree, mussels seem intimidating but they weren’t as scary as I expected them to be. Glad to know Mexican choizo also works!

  12. I only had one option for chorizo, and I didn’t chunk it, instead I used it more as a ground meat. How fun that the kids enjoyed this one! Your photos look terrific with that dusting of cheese! Bet the cognac was great in this.

  13. What a fantastic picture of the mussels steaming in the pot! I’ll bet these were great with rigatoni. I served with linguine (night 2). Night 1 with bread. What a great meal.

  14. I bought uncooked chorizo, too, so just panfried it before I started the rest of the dish. Love the shot of your mussels in the pot.

  15. I was only able to get my son to try a mussel and it stayed in his mouth a very long time. Glad yours enjoyed them! I loved the sauce!

  16. I like the Parmesan idea–also the rigatoni idea and the cognac idea! It seems that there is almost nothing that doesn’t work with this basic recipe.

  17. Woo-hoo! Kudos for using PEI mussels. I’m glad they reminded you of home.

  18. I love the photo of the pasta and cheese.
    I’m glad this was a hit in your house, Tricia
    and I both thought this recipe was very
    good too.

  19. I was so delighted with this one, too! I’ll never made mussels any other way 🙂