Menus on Monday: Week 3

This is how we rock the leftovers at our house!

So, we’ve finished up week 3.  So far, so good! We went out for lunch on Saturday, but since this contest is for dinners, I think we’re okay. After 3 weeks with no eating out, lunch on Saturday seemed like overkill. I haven’t had food that heavy in quite sometime! I think this week’s menu will be lighter!

The points might look a little out of whack, but Doug came up with a very convoluted scoring system. It allows for bonus points for extra chores and meals, etc.

  • Sunday 02/12: Sloppy Joe’s
  • Monday 02/13: Chicken wings
  • Tuesday 02/14: Valentine’s Day Pizza and pasta
  • Thursday 02/15: Chicken Curry
  • Friday 02/16: Pizza Pops (nothing’s too good for my family!)
  • Saturday 02/17: Leftovers

This week’s points: 21

Points to Date: 40

Money spent on groceries last week: $268

Last week was expensive on the groceries. I’m hoping I was stocking up, and that this week won’t be quite so bad! I don’t have a strict budget that I stick to, so this is very helpful to me to see how much I’m actually spending.

Tomorrow is mardi gras, so don’t forget to serves some pancakes for dinner!!

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  1. I love love love pizza pops! When I was back up in Cardston last June, it was on the must buy list. LOVE. Does your Dad bring them to you?

  2. @Honey: You know what’s so funny, we actually had pizza rolls, but I think I just call them Pizza Pops from when I was young and Canadian!

  3. Slacker you may be, but you did quite well on the PEI mussels. I chose the green-lipped New Zealand variety. I love mussels – all kinds.