Christina’s Menu: Week 4

Here’s my menu for week 4:

Sunday (we had company for dinner) – Chili with corn bread and honey butter, salad and chocolate chip cookies (this recipe, but adding 1/4 cup more flour and doubling the vanilla).

Monday – leftovers

Tuesday – Quinoa and black beans. I also made crepes for dessert because of Fat Tuesday.

Wednesday – Chicken Enchiladas with red chile sauce – these were quite a bit of work, but everyone enjoyed them. I was expecting complaints from the kids about spiciness, but they ate it up. I also doubled the recipe and put a pan in the freezer for another easy meal.

Thursday – leftovers again

Friday – Oven-roasted veggies with chips and bean dip.

Saturday – Chicken Chili with a different cornbread recipe. This cornbread was pretty ridiculous. It’s definitely not good for you and it’s more like dessert than bread, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Points earned this week: 21

Points total: 61

Money spent on groceries: $250

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