FFwD: Crab and Grapefruit Salad

Well, we’re back to the world of Dorie after an extended Spring Break hiatus. Is it wrong that I was secretly hoping to miss this recipe?! One day I’ll figure out how to properly read a schedule! Except for requiring a trip to the store, it doesn’t get much easier than this recipe. I substituted the cheaper (but still real) crab meat for the large chunk. I wasn’t in the mood to pay twice as much when I was already iffy on the whole proposition!

All in all, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I added the cilantro that Dorie suggested, and I’m glad I did. If it hadn’t been for the cilantro and Tabasco, I don’t know that this dish would have had any flavor. For some reason I expected the grapefruit to be a strong flavor, but it wasn’t. I even doubled the amount of grapefruit.

Oh well, live and learn. I am excited for next week, though, Asparagus and bacon sounds just about perfect!!

*What is French Fridays with Dorie? An online cooking group dedicated to working our way through Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Around My French Table. We try a new recipe each week and post about it on Fridays. If you’re interested you can pick up a copy of the book and follow along with us here.

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  1. Yeah, the price of crab was a bit shocking! Sorry this didn’t wow you…I’m looking forward to next week, too~

  2. I am sorry you didn’t like this recipe. I love crab and I was happy that the salad didn’t take over and hide the crab.

    The asparagus recipe sounds good!!!

  3. I totally subbed in with some luscious shrimp; added some extra seasoning in the dressing.
    Your salad looks very pretty!

  4. Welcome back. I had the same problem, mine was much too bland. I actually had high hopes for this once since the ingredients read like a list of my favorite things, but somehow it just didn’t come together for me. Oh well, I’m looking forward to next week as well.

  5. Welcome back! I haven’t shopped for crab meat in a long time and was shocked at the price. Sorry this ended up being a bit bland for you. Your salad looks good. The Tabasco and pepper definitely gave it a little kick.

  6. I was torn as to the twist to give this salad. I love ceviche, but ended up adding a bit of mayo and sriracha – and also lots of cilantro. I would definitely do this again with the less expensive crab.

  7. Sorry this one wasn’t a winner for you. I was actually expecting to probably not like it and did so we’re all getting surprised this week I guess. It looks beautiful though!

  8. I think there is going to be a split verdict this week. At least you can check it off your list – and it looks lovely 🙂

  9. Interesting to note that this salad doesn’t have much flavour. I was wary of it when I read the recipe for the lack of seasoning. My version is a merely inspired by the original with plenty of asian flair. I totally know what you mean about the pricy crabmeat! I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

  10. I also expected the grapefruit flavor to be stronger. I’m glad my expectation was wrong. ha!

  11. Sorry this didn’t grab you – but it looks very pretty.

  12. When you shell out for crab (no pun intended), you want it to taste delicious! I used shrimp instead of expensive, hard-to-find shrimp.

  13. Seems many did not LOVE this week’s recipe. But all the salads sure are pretty to look at 🙂

  14. I thought it was a little bland myself, but then I put that on the preggers taste buds, so I think when I make it when I’m not so pregnant, I will take into account some tobasco and cilantro to define the flavors some more, thanks!

  15. Sorry you didn’t love this one, but I do hope you had a great spring break.

  16. This was a huge hit in our house…sorry it wasn’t so great for you. It looks pretty! Hope your break was wonderful!

  17. I didn’t add cilantro as I didn’t have any and I was thankful for the scallion and hot sauce. At least if you didn’t love it, you didn’t break the bank!

  18. Great photo! I actually wanted to try this one, so hopefully I can get to it this week. I’ve been off FFWD the past three weeks due to too many work committments , spring break sounds better 🙂