Menu Monday: Week 10

We got in late last night from an Easter week-end trip to Baton Rouge. Growing up in Nova Scotia I never imagined getting to know the stretch of I-10 between San Antonio and Baton Rouge quite so well! I feel like we’ve stopped at every exit at some point or another. The highlights for this trip were the rest stop right before Luling. There’s free internet, very clean bathrooms and a playground! It was the perfect place for our picnic supper! We also stopped in Layfayette for lunch on Friday. Apparently the Layfayette restaurant scene is experiencing a revival. I had cut out a couple of articles, and we decided the perfect place to take five kids would be Johnson’s Boucaniere. I’ve read about this place in Southern Living and Bon Appetit, so my only worry was the crowds. No need to worry, after we drove into town and got all excited for the reasonably priced menu, we were rewarded with a restaurant closed for Good Friday! That’s why you should call ahead! The whole experience depressed me like you wouldn’t believe! Thank goodness we drive through Layfayette at least four times a year!

Another highlight for this trip was the annual crawfish boil. My husband’s uncle Gerald is a crawfish master, and so Saturday afternoon was a huge success … even if I did get poked by a crawfish claw while cleaning up! Interesting fact: Easter Week-end is the biggest week-end of the year for crawfish sales. If you’re interested in seeing how the whole thing comes together, you can check out my post here. There was also an Easter Egg hunt with the younger cousins, and a night out to see the Hunger Games (thanks to Logan, a most awesome nephew, who watched our kids!). I know some people think we’re crazy to make the trip quite as much as we do, but since we don’t really live near family, it’s our kids’ chance to get to know cousins and grandparents. I didn’t have any great-grandparents growing up, so I think it’s a huge blessing for my kids to get to spend time with their great-grandparents.

So, all of this is just to say that we had a crazy week-end, and I don’t know if I can remember everything we did before we left! All I know is that I forgot to take out the trash on Thursday, and the smell when we walked in the door last night was less than fresh!

  • Sunday, 04/01: Wontons and Rice (The baby was addicted to these!)
  • Monday, 0/2: Mexican chicken casserole
  • Tuesday, 04/03: I can’t remember, but I know it was home made!
  • Wednesday, 04/04: Meatloaf Wellington (I’m super excited about this!)
  • Thursday, 04/05: Picnic on the road
  • Friday, 04/06: Mixed Grill at the Country Club (not always super glamorous with 5 kids!)
  • Saturday, 04/07: Crawfish Boil

Points last week: 19

Points to date: 155

Money Spent on Groceries: I can’t find the receipts right now, but I’ll update this when I get my desk cleared off!

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  1. You are so adventurous – both in travel and food! I think you’d find us very boring. We would’ve gone if it wasn’t a two day drive that we’re going to make in a few months. It would’ve been great to see you.

  2. Looks like fun! I can’t believe that is William in that picture–so grown up!