FFwD: Coconut Friands

Well, this has got to be more successful than last week, right?! Little coconut cakes equal a triumph at our house! For some reason I could not get around to making these earlier in the week. I would set up all the ingredients, and then I would put them all away! I don’t know what was holding me back because these were beyond simple. The only thing that took any time was going to the store to by the unsweetened coconut.  This is why I love the bulk section. I got all the coconut for the recipe for only sixty cents! As an added bonus, I don’t have any unsweetened coconut lying around that I’m looking to up!

The texture of these cakes reminds me a lot of the spiced madeleines. They’re denser than a cupcake, and not quite the same as a brownie. We’re having them for dessert later on this afternoon. I did manage to sample a couple (for blogging purposes!), and I think they were better after they had cooled. Right out of the oven they had a kind of egg-y flavor, which I find odd because I always associate the egg flavor with the yolks, and there were no yolks in this recipe.  I easily got two dozen little cakes out of this recipe, and the whole thing came together in a half an hour. These would make a perfect after-school snack for the kids. I’m excited to see if some people changed up the flavors at all.

Definitely more successful than last week!

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  1. What a beautiful photo of your Friands! They were quite a success at our house too. Love your blog too…

  2. Yay for the bulk section. I actually got to use up the rest of my coconut with this recipe so that made me happy too. Your little friands look very cute and I’m glad that you enjoyed them (for blogging purposes only of course:-)).

  3. Your friands look lovely! I actually skipped last week, because I couldn’t even think sardine no less make them! Loved this recipe. They were a big hit at my house!

  4. Such a pretty basket of friands. I admire anyone who struggles with last week but still did it…I can’t even think about doing it. These little cakes were fun and so yummy. This recipe makes me love kitchen time.

  5. The texture is like Madeleines. I loved these & agree I’d like to try them with fruit!

  6. Your friands look great! Mine had a different texture though. More like coconut macaroons. Humm.

  7. I love the brown trim on your friands, they
    look so homey. Hubby and I really enjoyed
    these little cakes, and I plan to make them
    again using some of Dorie’s bonne idee
    fruits and such.

  8. Your photo is lovely. Nice to hear that these went over better than the sardines 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  9. wow..your friands look good. Nice browned..it mut be delicious. I added fresh fruits to it and it was yummy…coconutty good! Have a nice weekend:)

  10. You nailed the picture! These sound scrumptious. They sound much tastier than the German Pancakes I made this week with 100% whole wheat + ground flax+ unsweetened coc. milk instead of milk + no sugar. They were edible. That is the best praise I can come up with. I really wish I could’ve eaten some of these coconut muffins instead! 🙂

  11. In case you did not get a chance to look at the “reply” on my blog, here is the link to the information that you requested:

    Hope you will get a chance to visit one of the “Dille&Kamille” stores…please let me know.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. You got beautiful little bumps with yours – just like with madeleines!

  13. What a lovely photo! Your friands look like they turned out perfectly. We enjoyed these, too – but then, we’re three for three so far in April, luckily.

  14. I love your ceramic berry basket. What a perfect serving container. I love how easy everyone found these, though I skipped them because shredded coconut and I are not friends.

  15. What a lovely photo to see when I opened your Post. Love the basket. Yes, this was a simple recipe, could go so many different ways and is delicious. Mary

  16. Beautifully done!!! I have that same ceramic container…love it~

  17. OMG I LOVE YOUR DISH!! 🙂 your friands look good though too!

  18. Beauties! This looks like a real winner and so much better than those sardine things last week – bleh—anyhow, I’m struggling with the thought of lamb and trying to get my mojo up for tomorrows post. Apologies for being so late to comment this week!