FFwD: Navarin Printanier

I don’t know why I’m so late writing this. I had it done in plenty of time, but the writing just wasn’t happening. I made a few changes this week, one of which was changing the meat from lamb to beef. I just couldn’t justify spending $40 on lamb when I could get pre-cut stew meat for $10! This was a little more time-consuming than the past few recipes, but it mostly involved cooking on the stove, so it wasn’t too bad. I ended up keeping mine on the stove top a lot longer than Dorie suggests just so that it would be ready at the right time. In the book, Dorie mentions that you can thin the broth if it’s too thick, but I had the opposite issue. I ended op adding cornstarch because the broth was super thin.

As for flavor, I really enjoyed this. It was a little heavy for a 95º day, but what can you do?! The baby thought this was the bee’s knees! I would definitely make this one again.

Oh, and quick question: Dorie says to make this with small brown onions, did you all use regular brown onions, or some special onion. I wasn’t sure, so I used shallots. Just curious.

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  1. I found the price of lamb high also, so I used a pound instead of 3 and loaded up on the veggies which is healthier. I agree the taste was wonderful though I had issues with the directions too.

  2. First let me say how delicious that looks.
    Tricia and I both liked this recipe a lot
    even though a bit time consuming. As
    for the onions, I used small white onions,
    which have to boil a little to remove the
    skins. I hope to make this one again
    using lamb if I can find it.

  3. Beautiful photo of your stew, I like the colors of the bowls very much! Looks very harmonious.

    And you are definitely not loosing your computer skills, except for six posts, nothing else worked for a while.

    I used small pearl onions with brown skins and like Nana mentioned before me, you boil them first, skin them and then continue with the recipe.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. Great photo! Those little bowls are darling! We sell something similar at the store and we can’t keep them in stock. I bought a little bag of mini white onions that I found at the grocery store and used those. I had never worked with them before and really liked the cuteness factor. I didn’t think they tasted any different than regular ones though.

  5. I agree with you about the cost. I got some lamb shoulder chops for $22.00, and a large portion of it was trimmed and discarded because it was fatty. A boneless leg of lamb costs about $20.00. So it would have been cheaper to get the roast, but you can’t use that for stew. Lamb is pricey. Glad to hear the stew was just as good with beef as with lamb.

  6. Oh, my…you ate this on a 95º day? You are a true Dorista! I bet it tasted fabulous with beef…and I love your photo 🙂

  7. I love the bowls in your photo! So French looking. I used pearl onions, but shallots sound like a nice option too. The onions completely disintegrated into the stew, so they added more to the flavor than the appearance. What dedication to make this when it didn’t match your weather at all.

  8. Your photo is beautiful! I used pearl onions in mine. I am going to have to try this sometime with the beef because I really liked the sauce.

  9. We used beef as well. The lamb just wasn’t going to happen…
    Your stew looks lovely

  10. we actually couldnt get the pearl onions, they were completely out – fresh and frozen, so I just roughly chopped up a regular yellow onion and we were very happy with it – although it would look really fantastic with some pearl onions in it! 🙂