FFwD: Lime and Honey Beet Salad

I feel like I’ve been away from the land of Dorie forever! Normally I make the recipes that don’t really appeal to me, but the past few weeks have been crazy around here, so I made the executive decision to take a break! Hopefully I didn’t miss out on too many new wonderful experiences!

I love beets. I think they’re delicious, and they’re not something I really make that often. In fact, I think the last time I prepared beets was for the last Dorie beet recipe! I wonder if beets would grow well in my south Texas garden? I would probably have to plant the garden first to see if beets would work? Maybe a Fall garden?!

I enjoyed this recipe. I think next time I might add a little bit more honey. I would have preferred a little more sweet to the lime’s sour. I was a little worried about how the dill would affect everything, but I was pleasantly surprised. Since it’s about 100º here every day now, I opted for the microwave cooking method, and that’s definitely the way to go! My other tip for working with beets is to wear gloves. Cooked beets have a way of staining your hands a lovely shade of crimson!

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  1. Your recipe looks so refreshing on that bed of lettuce. I did not enjoy the dill at all, but I hope to try this one again without it and
    hopefully hubby and I will enjoy it more.
    Have a happy weekend.

  2. I didn’t add the dill but I’m glad to hear they fit well with the rest of the salad. Glad to have you back with us at FFwD. The growing season must be so different in Texas compare to us in the north. Fall garden sounds about right.

  3. How pretty! Even though it is hot here as well, I went ahead and roasted mine in the oven. I was surprised at how easy it was to peel them. I didn’t have a problem with staining since I made the golden beets, but that’s a great tip to use the gloves with the red beets.

  4. Thanks for the tip about the gloves… I wish I knew that before I made this recipe. I boiled them.. especially messy. Roasting doesn’t seem to let off as much juice. I think more honey might be nice to try… good recommendations.

  5. I love how that dill is perched up there! We all have to have our FFwD breaks I should think. I’ve had more than my share!

  6. So very pretty!
    I think a break from anything is refeshing once in a while 🙂 Good to see you back.

  7. it sounds like you didnt use a ripe lime… would you try it again? I didnt find that the beets stained too much… but i really rinsed them under cold water while i was peeling them too and it seemed to have helped a lot.

  8. I didnt find that the beet stained too much either. This is one refreshing salad. Love it! I served it with pan seared salmon..yummy! Yours looks fabulous too !

  9. Such a lovely photo of your beet salad! I also, love beets and really enjoyed this salad, especially the second day…the flavor just intensified!!

  10. I make beets often and my fingers never seem to get stained. Different people’s skin must stain differently. I’m glad you were able to participate this week, though I applaud your being able to decide to take a break when life requires it.