Hosting a Macaron Making Party

A couple of months ago a friend of mine suggested that we should throw a macaron party. Basically, she thought it would be a good idea to get some ladies together and learn how to make these wonderfully intimidating french delicacies.

Even though I’m not the best at coming up with ideas, I am skilled at taking ideas and running with them! I talked to the people over at King Arthur Flour, and they agreed to help us out with some of the supplies like the almond four and some coloring and flavoring. I think my favorite part of this whole experience was searching through the amazing flavors and trying to decide which one to pick (if you’re curious, I picked coconut!)

Before planning this party, I had only eaten macarons, I had never actually attempted making them. I’m going to write another post about the things I learned about macaron making; this post is mostly about hosting a learning luncheon!!

When you’re hosting a hands-on type of lunch, you need to make sure that there is enough room for everyone to work comfortably. In my head I imagined about 8 people, but I always forget about me, plus I had a hard time narrowing down the guest list! I think we ended up with about ten people at lunch. It worked pretty well, because there were always people who were sitting and chatting, and people who were at the table trying out their macaron skills.

Because the macarons required a bit of space, I decided to forgo a formal seating arrangement for lunch. Instead, I set up a simple buffet style lunch that people could eat while I explained the recipe. I made chicken salad puffs and some squash soup. I didn’t make any dessert because we were making the cookies. Of course, I didn’t really think about how if people were eating the cookies, they wouldn’t have any to take home! Next time I might also set out some fruit.

Macarons are a time consuming adventure, and because I wanted people to see how they looked at every stage in the recipe I had to make three separate batches, all at different times! Even though I felt like I made a ton of cookies, there weren’t enough for everyone to eat there and take home. Second lesson, always make more than you think you’ll need!

Every time I have company, I get rushed at the end, and I hardly have time to brush my hair. I made a goal for this party to brush my hair and put on lipstick! I accomplished my goal, but unfortunately some of the cute decorations I had envisioned fell by the wayside!

My third and final lesson, no one else knows what you have planned, and so your guests have no clue if something is missing! Don’t apologize for missing soda or a messy back room. Just have fun, and your guests will have fun too!

I’m already planning my next lunch adventure. Anything you’d like to see?


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  1. So fun! I love making meringues but I’m totally scared by macrons! I’ve always wanted to host a cookie-swap but have never figured out the logistics… 🙂

  2. It was totally fun and I thought everything was just right! The macaroons were delicious. I loved leaning to make them. You made a seemingly difficult task look easy. 🙂

  3. I always thought it was macaroons and that people on Pinterest were spelling it wrong left and right until I saw your post. I knew you wouldn’t have a spelling error! Wikipedia educated me and now I understand why it is macarons. The party sounds lovely. The macarons look amazing. They’re so pretty!

  4. If you ever do something like this again … I SO want to be there! This looks like so much fun

  5. Looks like it was amazing!