Chick-fil-A Salad Tasting Party

This week I was lucky enough to host a tasting party for Chick-fil-A’s new salad line. We got to taste all of the new salads and take a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen (that part totally brought back memories of all my food industry jobs!).

Mauricio, who is the manager/publicity guru/go-to guy for my local Chick-fil-A was also kind enough to sit down with us and talk about the restaurant and the new line of salads. If you haven’t been lately, the new salads are the Market Fresh (fresh fruit and cold grilled chicken), Cobb (warm fried chicken) and Asian (warm fried chicken). These new salads are a little more expensive than their old salads, but a big part of that is how much larger the new salads are. To be honest, this could have easily been a dinner salad for me. It was totally filling and (to help the gestational diabetes) all of the new salads are well under 500 calories! Mauricio also talked about how they only make 6 of each type of salad at a time, and no salad is ever more than two hours old. I’ve seen the fridge they store the salads in, and there’s no way they are stuffing a day’s worth of salads in there!

I tried the Market fresh Salad because the fried chicken is a no go for me right now, but I am looking forward to trying the other two after the baby arrives! I feel like this pregnancy has made me somewhat of a chicken salad expert because I have at least two a week! Also, as a side note, if you’re eating with your kids, I love Chick-fil-A because their kids meals are books, comics, games, etc …

Stacy, another San Antonio blogger also hosted a tasting party at a different location. If you want to check out her thoughts, you can read them here. I love Stacy, and I totally would have gone to her party, but it seemed kind of greedy for me to go twice! She’s also way more creative than me, because she brought everyone adorable Mason Jar glasses!

I hope everyone is planning on a great week-end! If you’re looking for a great meal to take to the soccer field, pick up a couple of salads from Chick-fil-A!

Disclosure: This post is part of a fun campaign with Mom It Forward. The party was arranged by Chick-fil-A and Mom It Forward. I just brought my friends, ate healthy salads, and had a great time!

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  1. I love that you got to go behind the scenes! My favorite is the Cobb Salad! (And maybe I haven’t paid attention to the price, are they really more than the “old” ones?)

  2. I wouldn’t have noticed the price difference except that the manager mentioned it!

  3. How fun! I need to go try their salads! I love chick-fil-a!

  4. you are so much better than i am,I would have had to try the Asian,maybe when I come out after the baby ? See you soon