Citrus Squared Dessert


So, the question is, how much citrus deliciousness can you handle? Usually I think anything with fruit is an affront to the very idea of dessert, but I have made an exception today. This is the dessert that puts the pound cake and the grapefruit chantilly together. Right now you’re probably thinking, big deal, cake and a frozen cream dessert… yawn! You have to have faith is how amazing this is!


To put this whole thing together, you have your lemon pound cake and your grapefruit chantilly. While the chantilly is in the freezer you melt some butter in your cast iron skillet. Place slices of pound cake into the hot pan and let it get nice and toasty. Ideally it will be warm, buttery and slightly crisp around the edges. Serve it with a scoop of the chantilly. I cannot adequately describe how amazing grilled pound cake is, but I can say that grilled pound cake is made even better paired with grapefruit chantilly.

citrus squared dessert | Frankly Entertaining

Please, please make this and then come back and tell me how much you love it. You can also tell me if you don’t love it, but I’m pretty positive you’re going to love it!


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  1. This looks insane! Tell me again why we don’t live by each other. I have to unpack so I can try this.

  2. I’ll make it for you whenever you come to visit!