Mango me Crazy! (I got published!) + A Giveaway

Mango Cookbook

Hey everyone, long time no see! My goal was to keep writing over here once a week when we started Handmade Mood, but that’s proven a little more difficult than I thought! Hopefully, I’m on my way to getting more organized, so that I can be over here more than once every few months!

Anyway, today I have some exciting news (well, exciting for me, anyway!), I have a recipe in a cookbook! (I feel like I am overusing the exclamation mark, but I don’t care)

Mango Cookbook

A few months ago the National Mango Board asked me to contribute a recipe to their cookbook, and that cookbook is now here. I created a recipe for a Mango and Beet Salad, and it now has a home in the Fresh, Flavorful Festive cookbook.

I have one copy of the cookbook to giveaway, and all you have to do is a leave a comment on the blog! Don’t fret if you don’t win because you can download a copy of the book right here.

p.s. Thanks to Miss Amanda for the pictures!

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  1. I LOVE mangos and can never figure out what to do with them… This is such a fun collaboration!

  2. It may sound boring, but smoothies are the way to go. Although I’ve been tempted by the idea of homemade ice cream or gummies.

  3. I love mango’s in salads! I make a really good Mango Black Bean salad. It’s easy, yields a lot, and is great even the second day!

  4. Honestly its fruit salad so I need ideas! this would come in handy 🙂

  5. I love mango all by itself, but my favorite way to eat it is either in a green smoothie or in a salsa over salmon. So incredibly proud of you!!! I have a feeling there will be many more publications to come.

  6. I’m not even going to lie… I’ve never thought of using mangos in recipes before! However, I have had mango jam before (delicious) and I love mangos so I would love this book!