French Fridays with Dorie: Tiger Cakes

Tiger Cakes | Frankly Entertaining

It’s been a few weeks since my last Dorie post and I’m glad that today’s recipe was simple. It let me ease back into things! This recipe came together very quickly (how quickly? it took me longer to style the image than it did to make the batter!). Tiger cakes get their name from the stripes that the chocolate makes in the little cake. Dorie’s version calls for almond flour, but I didn’t have any in the pantry, so I ended up using hazelnut flour instead. The cakes ended up with a slight Nutella flavor, but 5/6 kids loved it! I preferred the ones without the chocolate ganache, the extra chocolate made it a little too rich for me. What I really loved though was how the cake tops had a little caramelized crunch to them. Tiger Cakes are made in mini muffin tins which makes them the perfect size for an after school snack.

Tiger Cakes | Frankly Entertaining

Fall is in full swing in Alaska. The days are getting a lot shorter, and the leaves are falling off the trees. The crispness in the air is amazing, and I’m loving the change in seasons. I may not feel this way in a couple of months, but right now, Alaska is amazing, and these little cakes would be perfect dipped in hot chocolate on a chilly morning.

Tiger Cakes | Frankly Entertaining

The Tuesdays with Dorie participants don’t publish the recipes, but you can get your own copy of Baking Chez Moi , by Dorie Greenspan, and join us! Feel free to follow along with everyone else here.


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  1. Margrét Jóhanna

    Your cakes look great and how nicely styled, so romantic in these pastel colors. trés chic.

  2. Hazelnut flour sounds delicious and I love Nutella too. In fact I made Nutella ice cream today. I am envious of your Fall weather in Alaska. We are still having record heatwaves in California so ice cream was needed.

  3. I love your picture! Great picture! And love the idea of the hazelnut flour. Topped with a Nutella ganache would be excellent too!

  4. Now you mentioned it. I also enjoyed the crunchy exterior of this cake.

  5. Nutella-flavoured tiger cakes sound delicious!

  6. I love your photos, your cakes look so delicious. This was a hit in our house and definitely a repeat

  7. Hazelnut flour sounds good! Nutella ganache on top would be so good!