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Gift Wrap Girls Night|Frankly Entertaining

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about and buying  gifts. You might want to wrap your gifts to look like they belong on the cover of a magazine, but by the time you’re ready to wrap you’re already exhausted. A few years a few years ago I came up with what I thought (and still think) was a genius idea. Host a ladies’ night a couple of weeks before Christmas that is totally dedicated to wrapping.

Gift Wrap Party|Frankly Entertaining

There are many bonuses to a wrapping party, but my main reasons for doing it are a chance to spend time with dear friends during a crazy time of year, avoiding last minute shopping and getting inspiration from the other ladies. This is all very Mary Poppins; when there’s an element of fun, what was once a chore becomes a very enjoyable task!

Minted Party |Frankly Entertaining

As a little surprise, Minted provided all the guests with some personalized wrapping paper. I got all the images from their social media feeds, so everyone got to enjoy seeing their families in print! Personalized paper is the perfect thing for grandparent gifts or neighbor gifts. You could also make a personalized wrap for young kids who can’t read. They can just look for pictures of themselves! The Minted paper is extremely high quality; the paper is thick, and the colors are amazing. It runs about $3/sheet, and my husband pointed out that we couldn’t have printed our own wraping paper for that cost. I used their paper last year too, and I kept some. I’m looking forward to using a bunch of older paper in a few years with all my kids at various ages!

Gift Wrap Girls' Night|Frankly Entertaining

I’m a big fan of having friends over once my kids are in bed. My kids’ bedtime is 7:00pm, so it’s not too late, but it means I don’t have to deal with little kids and guests! We also decided to make a cookie exchange out of the evening, which meant I didn’t have to stress over too much food. I made a baked brie dish, and a cream cheese/pepper jam appetizer. We also glammed things up a bit by serving fancy drinks!

Minted Gift Wrap | Frankly Entertaining

Another bonus of this party was seeing the gifts other people bought for their friends and family. I ended up purchasing a couple of other gifts that night that I had never heard of before!

Here are my top 3 tips for throwing a Gift Wrapping Party:

  • Make sure you have enough space for people to spread out their gifts and paper.
  • Have extra scissors, tape and ribbon.
  • Have the party before the post office shipping deadline. This gives people an incentive to get everything out on time!

Thanks again to Minted for helping to make this such a magical evening for everyone!

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