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Lego Valentines | Frankly Entertaining

Here’s the deal you guys, my kids’ Valentines stress me out every year. Last year I almost had a nervous breakdown because the Valentine class celebration (heaven forbid they call it a party) was our last day at our old school. We were living in a hotel and Doug was already in Alaska. We were moving out of the hotel the next day, and I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. My kids love the Valentines party, so we were obviously going, but we weren’t going to be getting all creative with it! I’m pretty sure we did Fun Dips last year.

Lego Molds|Frankly Entertaining

This year is a totally different story. I came up with what I think is an awesome idea. I’m sure I’m not the originator of this idea seeing as how I found molds on Amazon, but it feels like a total win! Not only that, the kids were actually really helpful with this project!

Lego Valentines|Frankly Entertaining

We decided to go with Lego inspired crayons. Doug is making me include “inspired” because he doesn’t want the Lego people to get offended and yell at me. I don’t think they’ll do that since I’m single handedly responsible for one tenth of the Lego sales in this country!

Here is the best part: we got to use up all our broken crayons! We made over 100 crayons, and I only had to buy 1 box of new crayons. My experience is that it takes about three crayons to make one Lego (inspired) crayon. My kids loved peeling the wrappers off, and they loved mixing colors. We made one brick for each kid and then we made Lego (inspired) people for their teachers. I wasn’t going to do any for my 6th grader, but he ended up doing his own one night because he loved them too.

Lego Crayon Valentines|Frankly Entertaining

We also busted out our new Silhouette Mint and made a stamp for the tags. This way all the kids can stamp and then just sign their name. I’ll write about the Mint more in depth later, but I love it! Have you seen this thing? You can make a stamp out of an image! The longest part of the whole process was figuring out how to get what I designed into the program, but then I watched a YouTube video that told me to Drag and Drop! Leave it to me to make things harder than they need to be!

My favorite things about this project are the Silicone Molds for Lego Lovers. This actually comes in a set of 8 molds for under $15. They would also come in handy for making ice cubes or mini cakes for a Lego birthday party.

Lego Valentines|Frankly Entertaining

So, here’s how you do it:

  • remove the wrapper from all your crayons.
  • break the crayons into smaller pieces (1″-2″)
  • place the pieces in the mold
  • put the molds on a baking sheet
  • bake in a 250º oven for 15 minutes
  • remove from oven and use a toothpick to make sure everything is mixed
  • let cool for fifteen minutes and remove from molds

We put our crayons in plastic bags designed for pretzel sticks and then tied with a string and the stamped tag. I love that these are things that kids will actually use, and that we won’t be sending anyone into a diabetic coma. I am also really happy that the kids were excited to help with this project. We started early so that there would be no rushed tears, and everyone had a chance to participate. With 5 kids in school Valentines can get a bit out of control, but I loved how this turned out, and I really love that the kids are more excited than I am!

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