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French Snacklettes | Frankly Entertaining

This is this 5th Tuesday, so it’s considered a make up week. Since this is the first month of the new Dorie’s Cookies project, I’m not actually behind yet! For this week I made Dorie’s French Snacklettes. This was one of Dorie’s Cookies for Kindness recipes. I had thought about giving these cookies to the school nurse who helped assess my daughter’s early morning head wound yesterday (no stitches necessary!), or to the car repair place who only charged me $3 to change the battery in my key. Unfortunately there will be no gifting of cookies because when I left the cookies alone (rookie mistake), my three year old ate most of them!

French Snacklettes | Frankly Entertaining

I made these into little bite sized morsels, and they came together pretty easily. In the book, Dorie made the cookies into perfect little pyramids, but when I tried the pyramids they ended up looking like an inappropriate emoji! Instead, I decided make little cubes.

French Snacklettes | Frankly Entertaining

The cookies are rich (nothing unusual there), and they’re a little dry, so they needed a little hot chocolate to wash them down. I’ve woken up to single digit temperatures the past few days, so hot chocolate is a staple in my pantry. The ground almonds give the cookie an almost coconut texture. These are called French Snacklettes, but I never tried anything like these when I lived in France (to be fair, I was more of a pastry person!).

I made this as part of the Dorie Greenspan cooking club known as Tuesdays with Dorie. We’re baking out of the cookbook, Dorie’s Cookies. This group makes a recipe every week (I’m only going to be working with the cookie book, so I’m doing the first and third Tuesdays).


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