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This week for Tuesdays with Dorie we got to choose between the Pfefferneusse and the Christmas Spice Cookies. I went with Pfefferneusse, just because I’ve been having so much fun saying it! I have a cookie exchange next week, and I think that will be the perfect time to try the spice cookies.

I was a little hesitant on the flavor combinations in this recipe. I wasn’t sure how the pepper and the mustard would mix with the more typical holiday flavors like cinnamon and cloves. I didn’t really think that these would be cookies that my kids would enjoy, but I should know better than to question what my kids will eat!

I put together a little box for the ladies at the dentist office (since I’ve practically been living there this month!), but my kids inhaled the rest. Every time they came into the kitchen, it was to ask if they could have another cookie! Dorie included an option for topping the cookies with a chocolate glaze, but I stuck with the powdered sugar. I’m sure my kids would have loved it, but I’m not a huge fan of mixing chocolate with spices!

These cookies came together quickly and easily. I had everything done in under an hour, and there wasn’t even a lot of mess to clean up. I left out the chopped pecans, just because my oldest is allergic. Also, pecans are pretty pricey up here! If this is a recipe that you’re unsure of, give it  a try. You might be surprised by how all the flavors work together! If nothing else, make them for a holiday potluck. There probably won’t be a lot of people bringing these!

We don’t publish the recipes from Tuesdays with Dorie, but you can buy Dorie’s Cookies and try these recipes for yourself! IF you want to see what everyone else thought, check out their posts here.

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  1. You are right that these would make a unique gift. I bet your dentist office was happy. My husband and I loved them.

  2. Your cookies look so festive in their party hat. Sweet of you to give some to the dentist too. No cookies from me this week, but next time.

  3. I need to give treats to the dentist because we’re always late!

  4. Kids can be so adventurous in their tastes when you least expect it! Glad these were a hit for you. I froze nearly all of mine for Christmas – it’s such a festive cookie.

  5. What a cute idea! Love the party hat. We loved these cookies!

  6. What a beautiful photo! I do keep hesitating on making these. I don’t think I can find cardamom or dry mustard where I live,…so if I leave both those ingredients out,…it seems the cookies will be quite different! We’ll see,…but yours look great!

  7. Such a nice photo, so festive for these cute little cookies. I hear you on the dental bit, I broke part of a tooth and I thought it was going to be a simple fix…ha ha ha. I bet the gals loved you for supplying them with some holiday goodies.