Gift Ideas for Someone Who Spends All Their Time in the Kitchen

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I love putting together gift lists. It involves shopping, but not necessarily spending money! Who am I kidding, I own a lot of the stuff on this list… all in the name of research … it’s because I love you guys! I’m loving my lists this year, because they’re all things that I’m excited about.

I spend a huge chunk of my day in the kitchen. In fact, I spend so much time in the kitchen that my husband installed a touchscreen computer for me. (He thought I would use it for recipes, but really I use it to watch Netflix while I cook!!) I think it’s important to enjoy your space, and these are nine ideas that will help you do just that.

These are a few things that I think anyone who loves to cook or entertain would love:

  • copper measuring-cups|Frankly Entertaining teatowel utensils | Frankly Entertaining plaidconfetti |Frankly Entertaining
     Napkins |Frankly Entertaining  nigella lawson | Frankly Entertaining  kiehls-hand-salve |Frankly Entertaining
     mrs-meyers|Frankly Entertaining  kate-spade-recipe-box  wireless-bluetooth-speaker
  1. Wood Handled Copper Measuring Cups: I own these, and they’re both beautiful and super sturdy.
  2. Utensil Tea Towel: This would make the perfect gift for the holiday hostess. Pair it with a wooden spoon and you’ll be all set!
  3. Confetti: A little confetti can take your tabletop to the next level. It’s a great décor trick when your throwing a party.
  4. Coordinating Napkins: Matching napkins are so 1985. Coordinating colors are modern, and this fabric is super luxurious.
  5. Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food: I love reading through Nigella’s books. They’re beautiful and the food is delicious.
  6. Kiehls Hand Salve: When you’re cooking and washing your hands a lot, you need to keep lotion by the sink, and this one is amazing.
  7. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap : If you have to wash dishes, you might as well use the best smelling dish soap available
  8. Kate Spade Recipe Box: This is chic and fun, not to mention practical. I still use the recipe box I was given as a wedding gift.
  9. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: I love listening to podcasts and music while I’m baking, and a wireless speaker helps me to hear over the sound of the mixer, without having me ignore my kids like I do when I’m wearing headphones.



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