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Today I’m joining some other bloggers in sharing our favorite purchases of last year. You can check out everyone’s favorites at the bottom of the post.

This is kind of a hard post for me. Since we’ve been living in Alaska I feel like I’ve been buying less stuff. There’s no Dollar Spot close by; really, there’s not much in the way of shopping close by. It means I buy less “stuff” when I go out, but it also means I spend a lot more time receiving packages from Amazon, and anyone else who will grace Alaska with shipments (that’s a post for another day).

I was trying to decide if my best purchase was a thing or an experience, but since today’s post is part of a link up with other bloggers sharing their favorites, I’m going to go with a thing. (FYI best purchased experiences of the year include taking my kids to see the giant redwoods in California, seeing Adele in concert and the best steak dinner ever!).

For my purchase I waffled between my favorite book from last year and my favorite non-book item. I’m going with the non-book because it is something that has really helped me embrace my inner Alaskan. To be honest, I’m not really that Alaskan. I’ve cold smoked salmon that Doug has caught, but I haven’t caught my own salmon yet. I did see my first bear in the wild last year, but I have killed zero animals!

When I’m looking for legit Alaskan ideas, I always ask what my friend Leslie would do. Leslie is actually a transplant from Utah, but she is definitely Alaskan at heart. Last Summer she spent a month on a boat with her husband and three young kids. She can do pretty much anything, and she does it all in her Xtratuffs.

Xtratuf Boots | Frankly Entertaining

So, my favorite purchase of the year are my XTRATUFS . Xtratufs are fishing boots. They have a thick tread so that they won’t slip on a boat deck. Even though these are waterproof rubber boots, the sole is breathable, so your feet don’t get uncomfortable. The best part though, is that I can wear the boots tall, or I can fold them down and show the super cute lining. (The fact that I worry about the super cute lining means that I’m in no way close to becoming a legit Alaskan!)

These are basically the Alaskan version of the Hunter Wellie, with the added versatility of the fold down option. I love these boots, and they make me feel like I’m a little closer to fitting in here. In Texas I bought cowboy boots to celebrate being “Texan,” and in Alaska I bought fishing boots. I guarantee you I get a lot more wear out of the fishing boots!

It may be strange that my favorite purchase of the year is a pair of fishing boots, but they make me happy, and they make me feel like part of the community. If you’re looking for a great Alaskan souvenir, or just a great rain boot, Xtratufs are for you!

I am excited to be linking up with a few other bloggers today who are also sharing their best purchases from last year. Make sure to check them out below.

I’m definitely interested in learning what other people love. What was your best purchase last year?

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  1. I love that these are functional and cute – I have been very curious about Alaska, it was fun reading your perspective!
    Oh My Nosh Nutrition and Wellness

  2. Alaska is definitely a whole new world, but I love it!