TWD: Lemon Sugar Cookies

I’m trying to be a little more productive, so I thought I’d make this week’s Tuesday’s with Dorie recipe from Dorie’s Cookies. The choices this month were lemon sugar cookies and Anzac biscuits. I had some lemons on their last legs, so I thought I’d do the lemon this week.

Dorie says this recipe makes sixty cookies, so I halved it, since I have no need for the temptation of sixty cookies! Although, I made these mini, so I still ended up with a lot of cookies! I had visions of the possibilities of lemon sandwiches with a pink lemonade filling. That didn’t happen this go around, but I think it might be a fun switch.

I love the freshness of the lemon. It’s still snowy here, so anything that reminds me of the possibility of spring is very appealing. Lemon cookies are little rays of sunshine, and that is something that I can get behind.

The flavor in these cookies wasn’t overwhelming, it was just the best hint of lemon, and the sugar coating gave it a delicious crunch. It was probably for the best (at least for my waistline) that I didn’t make the full batch! These are in my kids’ school lunches today, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be snacking on them all afternoon! I should probably save a couple to make the pink lemonade sandwiches, but I’m not sure how many are going to be left!

The other great thing about this recipe is that it isn’t labor intensive at all. The whole thing came together in just about the same amount of time it took to heat up the oven. I ended up baking the mini cookies for about 14 minutes, and they’re pretty much perfect.

If you’re on the lookout for an afternoon snack, these are the perfect thing.

If you’re looking for a fun group to bake with, then join us over on Tuesdays with Dorie and bake your way through the book! You can also find the recipe here as part of Cookies for Kindness!

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  1. These cookies were great, weren’t they. Love your pretty pastel photos.

  2. Thanks; I thought these were amazing. I’m wishing I had made the full batch (but my waist is probably thanking me!)!

  3. My son loved these too. They were easy and delicious. I made a full recipe but most are in the freezer.

  4. Putting the extras in the freezer was a smart move!

  5. Yours look gorgeous! I love the idea of making pink lemonade sandwich cookies with these, but I suspect you might have to wait for another batch to try that – it sounds like they’re too good to resist.