What I’m Loving: The Instant Pot aka Why You Need a Pressure Cooker

This week I thought I’d tell you about my new kitchen obsession. I have been loving experimenting with my new pressure cooker. To be completely honest, I don’t own the Instant Pot , but that’s the one I’m sharing, because if you’re new to the Pressure Cooker/Multi Purpose Cooker, than Instant Pot is the easiest thing to search, and it has a ton of recipes. I actually bought my cooker at Costco, and so it doesn’t actually have all the bells and Whistles of the Instant Pot. If I had to do it again, I’d definitely go with the Instant Pot , just to make things easier when I’m searching for recipes. My cooker only has one pressure setting and only one release setting, so sometimes I have to fiddle with the recipes. Mine also doesn’t have a sauté function, but I’m okay browning my meat in a separate pan. What I love, is putting everything in a 6qt pot and having it come out fully cooked 30 minutes later. (I hate how everyone says dinner in ten minutes, because you do have to wait for the cooker to come to pressure.) The fact that it’s 6 qts. means that it makes more than enough food for my family of 8. There is also a slow cook function and a rice function, which means you could get rid of two appliances that are taking up room in your kitchen! I’m failing a litle bit on my quest to become a minimalist, because I can’t let go of either extra appliance!

So far I’ve made about five meals, and I’ve been really happy with four of them. I’m not sure what exactly happened with the fifth, but I’m thinking user error since it was  a repeat recipe! I’m also excited by the prospect of using it for small batch planning since my large pressure cooker scars me a little bit!

I’ve read some interesting articles on the whole Instant Pot story, and I’m really hoping I get to hear the company founder on How I Built This one of these days. (ps If you’re not listening to How I Built This, you are seriously missing out!)

If you’re looking for recipes, you can follow my Pinterest board, but there are also huge facebook groups, and no shortage of tips and advice.



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