TWD: Anzac Biscuits

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie post is Anzac Biscuits. We actually posted a recipe for Anzac Biscuits when we first started Frankly Entertaining. In the description in Dorie’s Cookies she mentions having two recipes and both of them being very similar. When I looked back at our recipe it was also very similar to Dorie’s. Our original recipe didn’t use Lyle’s Golden Syrup, and I didn’t have any when I made Dorie’s version, so I just substituted a mix of corn syrup and molasses. Word on the street is that Lyle’s is a deal breaker, but these cookies turned out pretty well without it!

Anzac Biscuits remind me of my friend Chantelle, who is an Australian I met when I lived in San Antonio. I don’t know if she likes Anzac Biscuits, but anything from Australia reminds me of her! It’s crazy how food can remind us of people even if we never shared that food with them. These cookies have a history that’s a little in dispute, but what’s not in dispute is that these were very popular during WWI in part because they used items that were readily available, and they were shelf stable.

These are a nice twist on an oatmeal cookie. I love that there’s a crunch, but also that the centers are chewy. I’ve had a few too many of these, and they also make a perfect addition to a brown bag lunch. They won’t get crushed and they’ll taste fresh. My kids loved these, and so did the neighbor kids!

If you’re looking for a fun group to bake with, then join us over on Tuesdays with Dorie and bake your way through the book! You can also find the recipe here as part of Cookies for Kindness!


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  1. Anzacs are delish – yours look just right.

  2. I didn’t have golden syrup either and I liked them just fine. Another winner this month.

  3. these look terrific, and i bet your aussie friend would love them!

  4. They look perfectly delicious and golden without the syrup. Yum!