Friday Reads: Paleo Takeout


This week’s Friday Read is for Russ Crandall’s Paleo Takeout. Since I was in the middle of #RecipeMakeover I thought I would review one of my healthier cookbooks. I bought this book on a visit to Costco. Tell me I’m not the only one who purchases cookbooks every time they’re in a Costco. That huge table full of pretty pictures of food gets me every time! I’m probably saving a ton of money by living three hours from the big city!

This book is paleo, so it involved the purchase of a lot of new ingredients like Tapioca flour and Ghee, and it was great to try some new and healthier recipes. I probably didn’t reap the full paleo benefits by only making one recipe a month, but it’s good to know that I can make delicious food that is also good for me. It’s also a plus that the whole family has always enjoyed it. Here is an interesting tidbit, even though I fried the shrimp, I didn’t feel at all bad about it like I do when I deep fry in cooking oil. The fried shrimp still managed to feel light.

The book is divided into Chinese, American, Japanese and Korean cuisine. I haven’t made anything out of the American section, but I’ve been loving the different asian meals. Yesterday we made a creamy coconut shrimp dish, and I was a little worried because I mistakenly got vanilla coconut milk, but it was amazing. I’ve also made Bam Bam Shrimp. One of my new favorites is the Cauliflower rice. My husband has been on a healthy eating kick since January, and the cauliflower rice is one of his favorite things.

The recipes in this book definitely require a bit more work, and a few extra dirty dishes (there are a lot of slurries!), but the food is definitely worth it. This is a great weekend cookbook for when you have a little extra time, and hopefully a little extra help!

What have been the best books that you’ve bought at Costco?

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