What I’m Loving: Bronze Goddess (The Smell of Summer Vacation)

This is probably going to seem like the most random What I’m Loving Post, but when something makes you happy, you need to share! When I was in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago I saw the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Spray and I just loved the smell and the shimmer. I didn’t buy it while we were away, but in a sad moment of missing my vacation, I ordered some last week!

You know how sometimes purchases don’t live up to the hype that we create for them, but that wasn’t the case here (obviously, or else I wouldn’t be posting about it!). The smell of this is the smell of vacation. I think it’s the smell of summer. You can buy this scent in a bunch of different products, but I bought the Shimmering Oil Spray. It’s light and smells like suntan lotion in the best possible way! I’m really looking forward to using this when we’re in the middle of winter and I’m missing the sunshine! There is something about scent memory that just brings me back. Every time I smell Drakkar Noir I’m brought back to high school dances, and I can tell just my walking into a bakery if the croissants are going to be good by the smell.

Summers in Alaska don’t necessarily involve a lot of suntan lotion or tropical breezes. In fact, if there’s a summer breeze in my town it’s probably going to smell like saltwater and fish, so I will take all the scents of summer that I can get!

So, if you’re looking for something that makes you feel like you’re back on vacation, or if you’re looking for something to tide you over until you go on vacation, then you should definitely try out this scent.

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