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What I’m Loving: Netflix

I’ve been on a little bit of a purging kick lately. I’ve sold stuff on eBay and taken many many bags to the Salvation Army in an attempt to get rid of the clutter in my house. So, I thought today I’d talk about something I love that doesn’t introduce […]

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TWD: Anzac Biscuits

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie post is Anzac Biscuits. We actually posted a recipe for Anzac Biscuits when we first started Frankly Entertaining. In the description in Dorie’s Cookies she mentions having two recipes and both of them being very similar. When I looked back at our recipe it was also […]

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Muffin Mondays: Pineapple Apricot

I don’t know who’s loving Muffin Mondays more, me or my kids?! I’m working on a healthy muffin recipe for next week, but today’s muffin is a pretty sweet one. When I was in DC last year I picked up some of these gorgeous dried pineapple slices, and I’ve been […]

Cookbook Reviews

Friday Reads: Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

I received Cravings, by Chrissy Teigen as part of my Pop Sugar Must Have Box subscription. I’m not going to lie, I was a little suspicious of a cookbook written by a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. I don’t generally want to try a recipe for chicken wings given to me […]

Whopper Easter Egg Topped Dessert
Desserts, Easter

Chocolate Malt Cheesecake

One of our most popular Easter recipes is the Nigella Easter Egg Cake. It was actually one of our first posts seven years ago, and people still search it out. This year I wanted to do something that had a similar look, but a different flavor. A few months ago […]

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What I’m Loving: Easter Candy

I had something completely different prepared to share with you today, but then I started to think about what I’m really loving right now, and if I’m honest (and I am), the thing I’m really loving is all the Easter candy! This is obviously a little ironic considering yesterday’s post […]

Cookbook Reviews

Friday Reads: Scandinavian Gatherings

Back when Christina and I first started this website we used to do cookbook reviews pretty regularly, and I’ve missed doing them. I have an obscene number of cookbooks, and I won’t feel like as much of a hoarder if I can share my love of these books with you! […]

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Alt Summit 2017: Hello Palm Springs!

Photo Courtesy of Justin Hackworth I’ve been home from Alt Summit for a couple of months, and that’s given me some time to really think about the things that I learned and sort of decompress. Being in the middle of the conference is like a full on sensory assault. It’s […]

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