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Chocolate Covered Hi-Hats

The first time I ever saw these cupcakes was when Elinor Klivans was on the Martha Stewart Show many years ago. She was promoting her book, Cupcakes, (which I’ll be praising profusely on Friday), and she made these chocolate lovelies. I was so impressed with their look that I made […]

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Fun in the Kitchen

For Mother’s Day this year, my husband kids got me a fancy pasta maker. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been studying an Italian cookbook for the past three weeks, or maybe my husband was just tired of eating boxed noodles! I’m always […]

In the Kitchen

Organising the Pantry

Our dad has the pantry to beat all pantries. It’s a long narrow room off of his kitchen. There is a second oven and a second refrigerator. It is also lined on three sides with shelves. About half of my dad’s pantry is devoted to food and on the other […]

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The Apron Guide + A Giveaway

I’m sure you’ve often found yourself asking what is the appropriate apron for a particular scenario. Say, for instance your husband is bringing home his boss for an after dinner cocktail, how would you greet them at the door? What if you’re making your world famous red sauce? How about […]

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