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Real life

Welcome to Frankly Entertaining

Well, now that we’ve got the first two weeks of posts out of the way, we thought we’d take a minute and let you know what we’re all about. Christina and I (Sarah)are sisters who grew up on the east coast of Canada, and right now we’re living on opposites […]


Sugar Eggs

I have memories of sugar eggs from when I was a little girl. I will not lie, my mother had a much more delicate hand with the royal icing! I’m hoping that I’ve blurred out the rough spots in the pictures! I always assumed that these little confectionery decorations were […]

Breakfast Food, Easter

Hot Cross Buns

With the arrival of Easter comes the arrival of Hot Cross Buns. A little research on the subject tells us that in Elizabethan England the sale of hot cross buns was allowed only on Christmas and Good Friday. Also, an interesting tidbit: apparently if you make your buns on Good […]

Allergy ideas, Cookies

Kiss Cookies with a Twist

My oldest son has an allergy to peanuts, pecans and walnuts. As a result, he has never enjoyed a PB&J, and he can’t eat the wonderful peanut butter cookies made with chocolate kisses. In this recipe I substituted almond butter for peanut butter. The texture isn’t identical, they’re a little […]

Real life

A Week in the Life

Back when Christina and I first talked about starting this blog we decided that one of the best ways for people to get to know us would be to write about what we feed our families over the course of one week. This week, for my family, happened to be […]

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