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Cooking with Kids Week 4

Cooking Class Week 4 was all about snacks! The kids love to snack all through class, so I knew this class would be a successful one! We started with some flat bread crackers. I found this recipe through Smitten Kitchen. We make it at home pretty often, because it is […]


Cooking with Kids Week 3

I’m a little behind with the recipes from the cooking class. If I get on top of my game you might get two posts from me this week! For week 3 we prepared a dinner recipe. We began with breadsticks (which turned out more like crackers because I left the […]


Cooking with Kids Week 2

I’m having a great time with my little cooking class. The hardest part is getting everything gathered in the morning and trying to not forget anything. After the first week I realized how much the cooking class is about eating for the kids. They want to be tasting constantly. For […]


Cooking with Kids

*Cleaning up the dishes. I belonged to a homeschooling group when we lived in Everett a few years ago. I’m still connected to the group on Facebook, so when they were looking for teachers and class ideas for a Fall co-op I jumped at the chance to teach a cooking […]


BlogHer Food ’12

I just got home from BlogHer Food ’12. The conference was held in Seattle this year and Sarah convinced me to go. We had a lovely girls’ weekend. There was lots of conferencing and lots of food. Not too much partying. We were so tired, we fell asleep early every […]

Menu Mondays

Christina’s Major Catch-up

Hey, what’s up? It’s been a while. Things have been a little crazy, but I have no real excuse! I thought instead of giving a weekly update, I would share a recipe. Sometimes I make this if I know that I’m making something for dinner that the kids might not […]


Sylvia’s Spaghetti Sauce

My mom and her husband are serving a mission right now in London, England. I miss them, but thankfully for Skype, they don’t feel as far away as they are. My mom’s a cool lady. She’s got mad skills in the kitchen. And when we were growing up she always […]

Menu Mondays

Christina’s Menu: Week 10

Week 10? Seriously? Where does time go?! This contest has been so good for me and my family. I am loving it. Tonight I was rockin’ out to the Rocky theme song while doing some deep cleaning. My kitchen is clean and it feels good. And I know if it […]

Menu Mondays

Christina’s Menus

It was so nice to be away for a week and to be able to go to a place with sunshine! We loved spending time with family. Our kids’ favorite part of the trip was playing with their cousins. We were able to stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel for our […]

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