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Muffin Mondays: Pineapple Apricot

I don’t know who’s loving Muffin Mondays more, me or my kids?! I’m working on a healthy muffin recipe for next week, but today’s muffin is a pretty sweet one. When I was in DC last year I picked up some of these gorgeous dried pineapple slices, and I’ve been […]

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Lemon Poppyseed Mini Donuts

If you post a non-donut recipe on National Donut Day, does it even count?! Our house is pretty much donut crazy. One of the things our kids miss the most about San Antonio was our proximity to Krispy Kreme. Word on the street is that they’re building a Krispy Kreme […]

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Valentine’s Day Apple Cinnamon Pull Aparts

Back when I was a senior in college, I took a class called marriage prep. Doug and I had just started dating, and class assignments were a great excuse to talk about different plans and ideas. One of my favorite assignments was to talk about what kind of animal we […]

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